New Equitable Financial Systems Coming Into Play

New Equitable Financial Systems Coming Into Play

Did you know that central banks like The Bank of England and Deutsche Bank are currently closed? They are transferring from a digital paperwork system to a quantum system.

Quantum Financial System

QFS stands for Quantum Financial System and according to Galactic Connection site, it's an off-world monetary system which cannot be rigged, in contrast with the current financial system. As it cannot be compromised – despite the many attempts to do so by the cabal – the cabal's corrupt central banking will collapse.

The Good And Bad Guys

The Good Guys are trying to move to a new Quantum banking system and the Bad Old Guys, who appreciate that the days of paper currency old banking systems are finished, are wanting to go along the bitcoin, blockchain line.

New Super Luminal Computers These forces are using super luminal computers, which need extraordinary speeds to calculate vast encryption and coding capabilities, so with super luminal speeds it does become viable. The major bitcoin system was set up by the National Security Agency, as they were the only organisation, at the time, with the capabilities of super cooled computers to make those kinds of connections. Now we have back engineered technology and the super luminal computers, also more importantly outside the military and intelligence agencies domination. It is now possible to run a non paper currency system. It still needs to be backed by gold, platinum, silver or palladium. So it is now possible to have a system which is no longer controlled by the likes of the Rothschilds banking cartel or anybody else to for self interested purposes only to oversee it.

Old World Systems Of Power

Our world for so long has been intricately and deliberately organised to construct major financial, legal and religious institutions and completely infiltrate existing ones by the dark side. The net effect was that the wealth and power was simply pushed up to the top of the pyramid of power, in order to completely control the majority of the population. The pyramid matrix system is collapsing be assured. It doesn't happen overnight, careful planning and strategies have been in place for quite some time, to retaliate against the dark side control and we are now finally beginning to see the fruits of the plan grow.

The Weaknesses of the SWIFT system

In simple terms so you can understand the intrinsic difference and why QFS is so revolutionary for the people of this planet. Under the old SWIFT system, which had been orchestrated for the very reason, ill explain.

Previously when you transferred funds by the SWIFT banking system it would take up to 3 days , because the funds were being transferred behind the scenes and difficult to track, through a network of central banks before it arrived at the bank account of destination.

So in terms of money laundering by corrupt governments, cartels and cooperations, this system was full of holes, and enabled trillions of fiat currencies to be siphoned out of the system undetected. This is one of the most effective ways that wealth was transferred from the majority to the minority and effectively secretly fund the cartels and corrupt governments, banks and corporations.

Trillions and trillions of fiat currency escaping the system and being secretly stored in underground bases, in cash form or precious metals, for safe keeping for their corrupt, trafficking and warmongering projects worldwide.

The Strengths of the New QFS System

As with cryptocurrencies transfers are made directly from point A (outsourcing bank account) to point B (incoming bank account) instantaneously, without the need to diversify through other banks. Completely traceable and accountable

The net effect it will take away the capablities of the corrupt powers of money laundering and financing of a whole range of trafficking of people, sex, children, drugs and arms etc.

So money will no longer disappear out of the coffers of governments financed partly from ordinary people taxation etc. That money will now be transparently available to spend on infrastructure for its people, as never before.

Focus On The Good News Please understand there is plenty of good news coming out with regard to the changes currently happening at the moment, despite the mass barrage of the mis and dis information coming out of mainstream media, to quite simply take us all down a dead end street. But the reality is there a lot of good news and information currently happening across the world to take down the oppressive matrix control system we have had to endure for so long. Hang in there and don't get bogged down by all the negativity the whole world population is being subjected to right now. It is simply a last ditch attempt by the dark forces to regain control. Chess Game Of Power This is a chess game of power. Where short and long term strategies, for retaining or regaining power, have been played out by both sides. We, the population are simply expendable pawns within the game. But there is still a long way to go. If you know the game of chess you will know the hidden powers of the pawn, Use it!! The pawn can also be a major part in the destruction of the other side. We do that by raising our awareness, helping out positively within your own environment in any way we can for others and yourself, letting go of the fear mongering, deceit and propaganda to control us, speak and act in positive ways, send out love and light and simply enhance our own spiritual powers from within, stand firm and unite. Whilst the more powerful pieces on the chess board play out their game of power.

Love and Light will prevail

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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