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Psychic / Mediumship / Tarot / Oracle / Psychometry / Psychic Investigation Readings

Aspects covered

Love and Relationships

New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

Aura Chakra Cleansing

Psychic Investigations

If you are searching for an honest and accurate reading then you have come to the right place.

Mediumship Reading

Michael J Robey is an English 'Psychic Mediumship Reader' and 'Psychic Investigator' based in Athens, Greece.

To buy an in-depth Mediumship Reading using the Booking Form below simply enter your name, email address, and how you would like me to contact you either through Skype or telephone.

If you require a Mediumship Reading in person at your home or choice of venue then please note this option is only available for persons in Athens, Greece. Please indicate which type of reading you require from the choices available and then please pay via PayPal , Transferwise, Revolut or Bitpay


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Chakra Reading

An Aura / Chakra Reading involves my looking at your aura and chakra centers,

These are energy centers that are aligned down the front and back of the body. I work with the chakras to gain insights regarding your mental, emotional and physical states. In doing so I am able to address your questions or situation on a deeper level.

The information and understanding you gain also helps facilitate letting go of blocks (emotional and mental) in those chakras. This helps the energy in the aura / chakras to flow freely, throughout your energy system, creating harmony within.

The Aura is very much a part of us, and can be seen by the naked eye for those who have the ability or develop the sensitivity. The aura consists of various levels of consciousness. It is a representation of your innate traits and potential. It is composed of layers of energy and within the aura is recorded all our experiences, thoughts and feelings. The aura acts like a mirror that shows our current mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition, and this is what I am tuning into and reading during an aura / chakra reading. One can even detect illness within the aura before it actually manifests into the physical body.

Chakras are vortices through which energy flows both in and out of the body. They are located on the etheric level, this is also known as the body double, it takes the form exactly as our physical body. The chakras rotate like turning a wheel, when functioning properly.

There are twelve main chakras, going down the front and back of the body, penetrating just inside as well. There are also ten chakras more distant from the body in the aura. These chakras eventually need to be developed, but their development is based on the development of the ones at the etheric level. The energy, which powers these vortices, comes from different sources; one is our evolutionary energy, another being our spiritual force within us. These energies come from inside the body and flow out of the chakras.

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Psychometry Photographic Reading

When it comes to psychic readings, I often use photographs during client’s readings. This practice is considered to be a form of psychometry

Psychometry is the practice of holding an object or picture to gather psychic information on those who were or are connected to the object.

The art of psychic readings with photographs is dependent on how the psychic or individual can tap into the energy associated to a particular object.

When it comes to photographs, however, there are often situations where specific persons never actually handled the photograph.

I mostly receive photographs from clients over the internet. It is therefore, imperative that I psychically tune into a person through the images on the photograph.

The type of psychic information I receive is dependent on the images or visuals I see, information I hear, or it may be just a sense of knowing about the person in question.

If you wish for a psychometric reading of your photo. please complete the form below, tick the box for Photograph Reading and email your photo to .

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Psychic Investigation

I tune into the Spirit world and communicate with the spirits using clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

As a Psychic Investigator, I investigate crimes, missing persons and lost pets by using paranormal psychic mediumship abilities, including post recognition (the paranormal perception of the past), psychometry (information psychically gained from objects), telepathy, clairvoyance and remote viewing.

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Spiritual Development Course Channeling Course


Learn how to:

Overcome personality defects & reduce ego. Gain higher levels of protection from spiritual distress. Achieve a healthier lifestyle through self-healing methods.

Connect with the spiritual dimensions which affect our lives.

Spiritual development relates to that aspect of inner life through which we acquire insights into our personal existence which are of enduring worth. It is characterised by reflection, the attribution of meaning to experience, valuing a non-material dimension to life and intimations of an enduring reality.

Using motivational, neurolinguistic programming and emotional freedom techniques.Positively change your preconcepts, emotional and substance addictions, negative thought patterns to expansive, positive constructive, addictive free, thoughts and actions.

What kind of areas do our spiritual development: courses cover:

• Beliefs- The development of personal beliefs, including religious beliefs; an appreciation that people have individual and shared beliefs on which they base their lives; a developing sense of how personal beliefs contribute to personal identity.

• Inspiration -A sense of awe, wonder and mystery - Being inspired by the natural world, mystery, or human achievement.

• Experiencing Transcendence - Feelings which might give rise to belief in the existence of a divine being, or the belief that one’s inner resources provide the ability to rise above everyday experience.

• Searching For Meaning And Purpose - Asking “why me?” at times of hardship or suffering; reflecting on the origin and purpose of life; responding to challenging experiences of life such as beauty, suffering and death.

• Relationships - Recognising and valuing the worth of each individual; developing a sense of community, the ability to build up relationships with others.

• Creativity - Expressing innermost thoughts and feelings through, for example, art, music, literature and crafts; exercising the imagination, inspiration, intuition and insight.

• Feelings And Emotions - The sense of being moved by beauty or kindness; hurt by injustice or aggression; a growing awareness of when it is important to control emotions and feeling, and how to use such feeling as a source of growth.

• Addictions - What are we addicted to and why? We use substance addictions to cover up for deeper conscious and sub conscious fears, and emotional distress. We create emotional responses culminating in obsessions, such as anger, depression, abuse, sexual and control.

• Mind Body Spirit Coordination - Enrich your daily life and capabilities:- Extending your natural positive energy. Being centred, relaxed and aware. Increasing all your six senses. Awaken your consciousness

• Evolving Your Consciousness - Understand that there is no good or bad, these are redundant concepts. Your choice is to whether your new and ever changing concepts are evolving you. Expanding your experience of your consciousness, your spiritual existence and your true soul path.

• Perception v’s Reality - what is our perception and what is reality and who’s reality. Each one of us have a different concept of our reality, other people, situations and our surroundings, based on our learnt experience, sensory abilities, conscious and sub conscious memories.

• The Whole Person Concept - requires that you tap into all 7 parts of the human make-up; body, mind, heart and spirit. Understanding and connecting with your full potential as a Universal Conscious Light Being.

• All That Is - Through spiritual practices we go beyond the sensory realm, we enter into a field not with eye sight but with insight, that everything is connected, a unified field, where everything is fullness and undivided.Being In The Now. So Oneness is the primary principle of power.One With God, One With Self, One with Love, and One with All That Is.

Online Course via Skype (Or in Person by Appointment) Details

To book please go to


Through one to one and group activities, coordinating mind body and spirit learn how to :-

Enhance all your five senses and sixth sense - extra sensory perception (ESP).

Increase your awareness, psychic and channeling abilities.

Enrich your daily life and capabilities.

Extend your natural positive energy.

Be more centred, relaxed and aware.

Channel through your third eye and sacred heart to receive channeled messages.

Interact with channeled messages from your higher self, your guides and loved ones.

Become telepathic so you can communicate and sense the well being of others.

Connect, see and sense the true spirit of other humans beings on this earth plane and higher dimensions.

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Meditation Course - Goal Resolution & Stress Management

You know that old "saw" that we only use 10% of our brain... Well, meditation helps us use the other 90% fully, and it guides us in order to put it to a good and beneficial purposeful use. Intent is where it all starts. So come meditate with us for practical reasons. Tune up your Life - Up your Game - Mind Body Spirit balance. Live Life to the Full. Achieve your goals, get to your highest aspirations and be of service to you and yours as well as to your fellow humanity. The purpose of this group is, as the Buddha said, his highest achievement was to find "wise and beneficial friends to meditate with" And so we do too. Seeking wise and good friends to meditate with. Seeking friends who can support us in our Meditation practice. Friends who aspire to reach their highest purpose and create the community that Buddha as well as all spiritual teachers sought. Namely we are looking for a group of beginning and advanced students, and adepts. In short, anyone interested in meditation, in belonging, in community, in happiness, in success, and is willing to learn, to motivate each other by coming, participating and becoming a regular part of this weekly meditation group. The practice and science of Meditation helps you function at the deepest levels of mind. Learn how to connect with your higher self through guided meditations Extra Sensory Perception Learn how to enhance all your sixth sense - extra sensory perceptions Through 121 and group activities, coordinating mind body and spirit,learn how to increase your awareness, psychic and channeling abilities. Enrich your daily life and capabilities:- Extend your natural positive energy Be centred, relaxed and aware Increase your extra sensory perception Awaken your consciousness

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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