Our 5D Crystalline Solar Body

Our 5D Crystalline Solar Body

As we begin to ascend from the dense 3D physical form through elevating our vibration to a higher frequency band width from 3D through the 4th density to the 5th density of 40htz, as our consciousness is attuned accordingly, our bodies also change and evolve exponentially into Our 5D Crystalline Solar Bod .

What this means and what actually happens is that the energetic structures that dictate the flow and transfer of energy in our cells and DNA starts to drastically change.

12 Strands Of DNA

This is made possible through activating our higher DNA strands or helixes which is made up of 12 strands. Many of us are experiencing the upgrade from 2 strand DNA progressively in stages to our divine 12 strand DNA blueprint. As we activate each DNA strand or helix, we also activate each of our 12 main chakras. In our physical body we have 7 main cardinal chakras which branch off into many other sub-chakras being hands, feet etc equating to over 100 interconnected smaller chakras. The other 5 main chakras beyond the 7 physical chakras are above our heads and below our feet beyond our physical body. Each of the 12 chakras when activated is relative to which of the 12 DNA helixes are activated, as we activate a helix, this also corresponds to the level of consciousness (dimension/density) we experience, which also is a figure of 12.

Christ Consciousness In this universe we are able to access up to the 12th density (12D) known as Christ Consciousness. Once we have activated our 5th DNA helix we activate the 5th chakra (throat), henceforth we activate our 5D level of consciousness. One of the purposes of our 12 main chakras otherwise explained as etheric energetic portals or vortexes, is to allow for the influx and flow of information through light to ground us and transfer information to our physical bodies. The 12 main chakras also allow and maintain our 12 strand DNA to remain cemented in place and to hold the genetic structures in perfect natural order, hence maintaining the natural DNA form. Each strand of DNA we activate from 2-12 also corresponds to the level of consciousness we attain, which is measured in frequency bandwidths called densities some inaccurately label as dimensions beyond 4D.

5D Reality Remember dimensions being 3D and 4D are measurements of time and space (a measurement of movement through a physical field being space) and physical volume (depth width height). Once we break through the 4th dimension of time, which is also an illusion, and begin to experience the 5D reality (Gamma 40htz), which is not a physical place or location, but a frequency that our consciousness is attuned to and resonates, from 3D reality (alpha), this in turn changes the way we perceive and experience our physical reality. The energy and frequency of 5D is much higher and lighter, therefore less dense in energy, what we are now able to perceive is completely different from the denser energies and lower vibrational frequency of 3D reality. Basically the veils of illusion lift and you begin to experience pure and unadulterated form of reality void of any filtered perceptions of reality, hence your experience. As this transition occurs through elevating our frequency hence consciousness, so too our bodies alter and change from a carbon based molecular structure to a crystalline form. Basically this means that the energetic patterns and signatures that can be observed through the sacred geometric biological design and structure of our bodies,enables for our Merkaba energetic form to come into being. Crystalline is not like becoming a crystal form but how light and energy operate through our bodies. This upgrading allows for the higher pure 5D gamma light energies to be absorbed transferred and to flow through our cells, DNA, meridians, and energy centres ie. our chakra system upgrading us from 3D alpha energy to 5D gamma energy. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr www.psychicgr.com

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