Our Twelve Multi Dimensional Chakra Systems

Our Twelve Multi Dimensional Chakra Systems

Chakras are the energy centres of the body. They are parallel to the different energy vibratory levels. Chakras are responsible for creating our auric field.

There are different systems of chakras, but here we will discuss the 12 multidimensional chakra systems. Among the twelve chakras, seven lie within the human body on a third dimensional frequency, whilst five are outside the body on fourth and fifth dimensional frequency.

Fifth Dimensional Chakras

The divinity within each of us is known as the 'I Am Presence'. Our "I Am Presence" pulsates with twelve chakras, which are 5th dimensional crystalline solar chakras, that begin with the crown chakra at the top of our head, down our spinal column, being completed with the twelfth root chakra at the base of our spne.

Each of the twelve chakras reverberate, which are known as the twelve fifth dimensional "solar aspects of deity". That is the crystalline light which comprises all of the higher frequencies of light in the manifest form.

Fourth Dimensional Chakras

In the fourth dimensional, our "solar christ presence" also has twelve chakras. Each of the chakras reverberates with one of the twelve "solar aspects of the deity" of the fifth dimension. So there is a different ray radiating through each chakra.

Third Dimensional Chakras

To maintain a third dimensional reality, our "solar christ presence", breathes a denser reflection of itself into the third dimension called a "planetary christ presence".

When the light is transformed from the fourth into denser frequencies of the third dimension, it is like passing a ray of solar light, through the prism of a crystal. We therefore experience a seven fold spectrum of the rainbow on the other side.

That solar light is condensed and reflects through the pigment octave of colour into seven chakras along our spinal column which reflect the seven colors of the rainbow.

In all the twelve chakras, these five major higher dimensional chakras lie outside the human body: whilst the other seven third dimensional chakras lie within the human body.

Five Higher Dimensional Chakras Outside The Human Body

Divine Gateway Chakra (12)

The Divine Gateway Chakra is around 18 inches above the crown chakra. When this chakra is connected to the seven chakras present in the body, it allows you to access your soul’s mission.

This chakra center is the Divine light portal allowing our complete connection to Divine Source, therefore it’s offering an open doorway to explore other worlds and realms.

Here we experience full ascension, complete oneness with Divinity and full connection to the cosmos.

We become the vehicle of love, peace, harmony, and ascension ourselves, enabling these greatest qualities to enter to others through us.

All the levels of Divine, and all the qualities of Divinity represented by higher vibration beings align with us here.

Activating this Chakra will allow the Blessing to flow down.–the Divine, the Source Light pouring down and through our higher chakras to our Soul Star chakra and directly connecting to the Light of the crystal core of the Earth, before flowing back up in an unending loop of Divine awakening, presence, growth and our ascension.

Connecting to this wisdom and practicing awakening these energy centers of our bodies, through our breath, breathing and meditation every day, can bring to us complete awakening and transformation that is the most appropriate and the most aligned with our eternal Light Body

Galactic Chakra (11)

When fully open and activated allows for advanced Spiritual skills, travels beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, instant manifestation, and more.

Here we’re able reach out anywhere in the realms of Creation, communicate with highest dimensional light beings, and ascended masters.

We are able to bring the highest healing, insights and growth from the highest realm into our present existence. Activating this chakra can bring balance to a wide number of people, to Mother Earth, and the highest realms of spirit.

Universal Chakra (10)

This chakra is the Universal aspect of our being. We are connected to All That Is, through this energy centre and the infinite flow of creation. When open and activated we feel in close alignment with the Universe and all creation.

We have a strong connection with the Divine light beings in the universe and we attain complete alignment of our Divine light bodies with our physical being.

When this chakra is fully activated, it allows our Divine Merkaba light body to be fully constructed, enabling an unlimited access to travel within the higher realms of spirit.

Through the Universal Chakra we experience Divine healing balance and full access to the Divinity of our Soul.

Spirit Star Chakra (9)

When open and activated the Spirit Star Chakra enables us to connect to the vast realms of spirit. Here we realise and establish our direct connection with Source, and thereafter we are able to communicate with light beings from around the galaxy, angels, guides and star beings.

When this energy centre is fully open and activated we fully surrender to the Flow of Spirit, allowing the Divinity of Source will to flow and guide our experience. Here we are able to access our Soul’s gifts and abilities to the full extent.

Our direct connection to Source will allow us to experience, draw upon, and realize all our abilities to create and manifest through our spirit.

Solar Star Chakra (8)

When our Solar Star Chakra is opened and activated, the Creator's Light can flow through this energy centre freely, and through us, which allows us to be able to access higher states of consciousness. We can experience the highest Love from the Divinity of Source, and we can recognise and be aware of our ultimate powers as Spiritual Beings.

It is a vessel of our Soul’s energy, and contains the essence and power of our accumulated soul experiences, throughout many lifetimes, recorded in the Akashic Records data, and wisdom

The Sun itself is the solar star chakra. This chakra allows getting information from the light of the Sun. Not only the Sun, but it allows accessing all the wisdom of stars.

Seven Chakras Located Within The Human Body

The Crown Chakra (7)

The crown chakra is the bridge to the higher chakras. It leads you to your higher self. Its associated colour is violet.

Balanced: Connects to spirituality.

Underactive: Takes you away from spirituality.

Overactive: Increased sense of light but no connection to earth.

The Third Eye Chakra (6)

This chakra is about a higher state of mind and insight. Its sense is a multidimensional vision. Its colour is indigo blue.

Balanced: Makes you see more than physical, beyond appearances.

Underactive: Lowers the imagination, makes you a rigid thinker and believer of only what you see.

Overactive: Leads to fantasy and hallucination, and even psychosis. '

The Throat Chakra (5)

It is about self-expression and communication. Its colour is sky blue. Its element is ether and sense is hearing.

Balanced: Improves all forms of artistic expressions, governs writing and talking.

Underactive: Creates a sense of shyness and speaking problems.

Overactive: Makes you a chatterbox and a bad listener.

The Heart Chakra (4)

This chakra is about love, affection and social interaction. Its element is air and sense is touch. Its associated colours are green and pink.

Balanced: Leads to compassion, tolerance, openness, love, and trust.

Underactive: Increases coldness and distantness, and leads to lack of trust.

Overactive: Causes suffocating feeling, and ego problems.

The Solar Plexus Chakra (3)

This chakra is about personal power. Its element is power and sense is vision. Its colour is buttercup yellow.

Balanced: Improves will power, builds self-confidence and makes you see things clearly.

Underactive: Creates a sense of being passive and lack of courage.

Overactive: Leads to anger and arrogance.

The Sacral Chakra (2)

It is located in the naval area. Tangerine orange is the colour of this centre. It is the chakra of emotions and sexuality. Its element is water and sense is smell.

Balanced: Allows the emotions to flow freely, leads to creativity and clarity of mind, and lets you enjoy the full pleasure associated with sexuality.

Underactive: Sparks the feelings of loneliness; makes you feel rigid and stiff. You become totally unemotional.

Overactive: You become slave to your passions and desire, overly sexual and over sensitive unstable person.

The Root Chakra (1)

It is present at the base of the spine. Its associated colour is deep blood red. Its element is earth and sense is smell.

Balanced: Makes you feel grounded and secure, enhances understanding of self-importance, makes you feel what you have is enough.

Underactive: Generates fearful and anxious feelings which lead to restlessness and trouble being grounded. In severe cases, it can cause a feeling of homelessness .Overactive: You become overly materialistic or too grounded.

Earth Star Chakra (0)

The location of Earth Star Chakra is a foot and a half below the ground surface. It connects us with earth, our family line and ancestors. It is our personal and unique connection to the Earth’s life force, the crystal core in the centre of the Earth, and to the Ultimate Creator’s Light that exists within the Earth.

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