Overcoming Isolation

Overcoming Isolation

When you find yourself alone, due to enforced circumstances, as is the case currently in 2020, as with the majority of people worldwide, you may have pondered and realised what is really important to you.

How has life changed for you in the last few months? What is it that is now missing from your life? What was really important to you, which you no longer experience?

However varied, the answers are from individuals across the globe, as we all previously led very different lives, due to family ties, our workplace, our leisure pastimes, finances, culture etc. There is one common denominator across the world, our lives have suddenly become isolated.

Dealing With Isolation

Only a few can deal with isolation well. Mostly because they have experienced it at length, due to mitigating circumstances, which led them into isolation in the first place, when the rest of the world was partying. But the party suddenly ended, everywhere!

Mind Controlled Populations

I'm not going to discuss here, the how, why and wherefores of the present situation the world finds itself in. The subject is too complex and far reaching, manipulated and mostly completely misunderstood.

The reason being for a general lack of mindful understanding, is because the majority of individuals, within all populations worldwide, have been so mind controlled by powerful media, advertising, government sanctions, major corporate and world health organisations narratives, all at the behest of an elite deep state agenda. Which has led to the majority being completely confused, ill informed and no longer being able to make sound investigation, reasoning and judgements for themselves.

Succumbed To The Fear

The individual has succumbed to the fear of the majority as a state of norm. If everyone else is doing it, and the media hysteria agenda keeps repeating it over and over, then they must be right, correct?? Not realising that mostly everyone else is in the same dilemma, can't understand what has suddenly hit them and changed their lives forever in such a short space of time.

The sheer fact that this situation has crept into every aspect of everyone's life on our planet, within such a short space of time, affecting everyone. Surely this should raise major red flags and alarm bells within you!

Isolation Has Become The Norm

Now people generally are so isolated that it has become the norm. Yet how many of them actually have the courage to overcome the isolation. How many of you are understanding this is not just happening to you, it's happening to everyone on the planet!!!

My Request

So my request to you is quite simply - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Let us be in control again and bring back what we have lost, and took for granted previously.

We live in a digital age. We can pick up a mobile or phone, we can write, type, video call, draw and communicate in so many ways, within our own homes, however isolated we may feel. Show some love and affection. Overcome the fear.

We are an intelligent species, which needs communication to survive. So communicate with loved ones, friends, colleagues or someone new. They need communication, guidance and a sense of friendship just as you do. It works both ways.

Perpetrators Of The Dark Agenda

Do not allow the "perpetrators of the dark agenda", which is currently destroying us and our lives, for a myriad of reasons. They in essence want us completely under their control, destroy us, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So they can continue to party with their selected few of like minded community of elite players, whilst we serve them as mind controlled slaves, turning the their wheel of fortune and our deprivation.

You are a unique individual with rights, dreams, preservation and self determination. Not a robotic mind controlled cattle to the slaughter.



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