Practical Ways To Overcome Tyranny

Practical Ways To Overcome Tyranny

With all the tyranny which is surfacing at the moment in plain view, awakened people may be wondering - How can we practically and safely act in a way which will restore sanity and positive governance for the people?

Vote In Elections

We must vote in elections, yet we must have election reform immediately to have any integrity in our future elections.

Vote With Your Money

The things you buy and pay for are you showing your support for that company and people involved with it. Every time you shop at large corporations which are clearly not supporting us "We The People", but are governed by the dark forces, you’re supporting them and their actions.

Shop for products you believe in and support your local family owned businesses. They are the lifeblood of your community and your neighbours.

Vote With Your Attention

Attention is the new currency. Energy flows where attention goes. This works for both ways in fear and faith. The things we give our attention to grow stronger. So what are you giving your attention to throughout the day?

If you’re watching mainstream media, which are clearly putting out propaganda and lies, you’re voting for them and giving them power with your attention.

If you’re visiting their news websites, you’re helping them stay in business by increasing their website traffic and justifying their sponsors paying them.

Not only that, but you’re also letting them inside your head, implanting fear and a false reality into your mind.

Do Your Research

Do your research, enlighten yourself. It’s better to know than to assume. Then make a qualified decision!! Look around you. Is what you are being told actually happening in your area?

Ask your friends in other locations, what they are actually seeing in their area. The Internet can inform, misinform or dis inform, depending on who is putting out the information and their motives for doing so. But your social media friends are there on the ground level. If you trust their judgement then listen, if you don't then don't entertain it.

Non Violent Protest

If you feel the urge to protest, then please do so in a manner of non violence. You cannot spiritually be persecuted for non violence. When you partake in violence you are simply playing into the hands of the tyranny, false media coverage and disorder. Which is exactly what the tyrannical oppressors want, to warrant them oppressing you further and denying your rights. Violence simply produces more violence and oppression, which gets out of control, way beyond what you may initially instigate.

Positive Constructive Action

It’s time for every Patriot to take more action to help restore liberty in our own countries and around the world. But do so morally and with a good heart. You have more power than you realize. 2021 is about realizing that power in a positive constructive way and taking action on it peacefully. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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