Regain Your Power Of Creation

Regain Your Power Of Creation

Do you feel that with all the knowledge, power and gifts that had been placed inside of you at birth? That you are now just simply remembering who you are? Well be aware you can become the person that you came here to be as this is your authentic reality.

During the journey in this present lifetime, you are simply remembering all of your prior knowledge, regaining your power and how to use your gifts. Through subconscious programs imposed on you, you were held in a box of limiting beliefs and may not have believed in your own power, due to them which did not serve your greater purpose. That is why we are here on this journey in this lifetime.

There are rules to this realm. The beauty has been hidden from all of us. But when we disconnect from the subconscious programs and reconnect to source frequency, we can attain all this beauty which has always been there since birth.

We all possess different gifts, which come naturally to us. As you go through your life journey, you may have remembered these gifts, which is your authentic reality. You are remembering who you are!

When we signed up as spirits to experience this particular lifetime, we all were made aware of the task ahead of us. Knowing that when we came into this realm, we would experience enforced amnesia through the control matrix and play by the rules.

We have all had to go through the amnesia of the subconscious programs, which we have all been subjected to. Yet they did not serve our greater selves, making us give away our own power.

However, we were also made aware that we would eventually breakthrough into a new fifth dimensional frequency reality of freewill.

A Planetary Reboot

Now is the time during our Planetary Reboot (Reset , where we are all passing into a world of freewill and remembering who we really are.

We are all different, but as we have gone through this journey together. If we rethink our reality in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, we can regain our own power, which has been inside of us all along. It is time for us to do so now.

We are a tribe of many colours. You can do things that I can't do and I can do things that you can't do. But together we form the rainbow warriors offering all our gifts in love for each other as a collective. That is the subtle difference from the control matrix which was simply about survival of the fittest and of self preservation.

We need to charge up our Neuroplasticity, which we have in this lifetime developed over time.

We need to switch our routines and understand the secrets of the universe in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

We are connecting globally, in mind, body and spirit, right now, even though we are so far apart, because we are connected through frequency.

The perpetrators of the narrative of subconscious programs have dictated our reality for eons. They will say "You can't do this or that, you can't accomplish this or that, you have no right to do as you please".

It is time to clear all the control matrix third dimensional subconscious programs from your being and rewrite your own subconscious programs of creation. To take control of your own life and make things happen for you. Become the creator that you were born to be.

We are all going to be different, but you need to find what resonates with you. Regain your knowledge, gifts and power. Everything has been there since birth. You are simply remembering who you really are.

Observe The Change

You may question, is this really happening? Yet sit back and observe what is happening in your own life, in your family, your community, your nation and around the planet right now. You will observe that there is an unstoppable shift lie a wave from control, inequity and evil to freewill, equity and love. Despite the controllers global attempts to control us.

We are the 144,000 Warriors of the Rainbow of many colours, cultures and creeds. We will create a new 5th Dimensional reality, where we are able to create our own new existence with our powers in harmony, which has been inside of us all along.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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