Release Subconscious Mind Programs

Release Subconscious Mind Programs

The subconscious mind is very powerful, yet 95% of our everyday life is dictated by subconscious programs and for thousands of years the controllers of the narrative have dictated these subconscious programs.

Men's Hearts Will Fail Them For Fear

We are now experiencing the third dimensional time period of October 2020 humankind evolution of consciousness, the Revelation, the revealing. We are going from dark to light.

Many of you have woken up but there are many people who have not and will never wake up, because of universal law of freewill, we all choose our own path. So this is where as the biblical terms "Men's hearts will fail them for fear". There are many things that have been hidden from the public for eons. Coming to terms with the notion that almost everything we've been taught has been a lie our entire lives, could bring the physical body to failure.

A mind filled with control subconscious programs is a very powerful matrix net which holds a low vibrational being together, but when confronted with higher vibrational light frequency it simply dissipates. That's why we, Light Warriors, are out here to expand consciousness and to raise the 5D vibrational frequency of Mother Earth. Free will is the Law of the Universe, so those that choose to vibrate with 5D Earth and to awaken will do so. Whilst there will be those who will get left behind.

The Final Days Of The Matrix

These are the final days of the matrix and the veil is about to fall. It is not a physical veil, but the veil of subconscious programming . We are going from dark to light. All that has been hidden from the common everyday life of the people will be revealed within the light. Nothing of darkness will survive in the light. Yet many people will find it very difficult to come to terms that so many their perceptions, implanted by subconscious programs, were a lie their whole life. Everything is being exposed now and the matrix is collapsing. The false idols will be exposed, will fall and be removed from the planet.

You Are Infinite

You are much more powerful than you were led to believe. You are infinite, they lied to you your entire life. The false idols pretended to be here for the good of mankind. But when everything is exposed, we will realise that this darkness can no longer continue on our planet. It is time to wake up! The physical body cannot cope with the overload destruction of subconscious programs. Some of us have slowly released ourselves from these programs, We have already unlearnt and re learnt in preparation for the Great Awakening. Whilst others are completely controlled by them, therefore their physical body will not cope with the revelations during the Planetary Reboot.

The Beginning Of The Ascended World

It is not the end of the world, It is the end of the Matrix world and the beginning of the Ascended world Nothing can run or hide, we are going from dark to light, whether we like it or not. We cannot control what is around us, but we can control within us. So clear yourself of the subconscious programs you are holding on to, before the shock is too great to handle, as we go through the Planetary Reboot towards Ascension.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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