Restoring The Earth Consciousness Grid

Restoring The Earth Consciousness Grid

Light Workers are scattered around the world, by design,.as we go through this time period of the Global Reboot and restoring the Earth Consciousness Grid.

Light Workers will have a higher vibration than where they live. Yet this journey may have been lonely for Light Workers, as we try to match our vibration and are scattered across the world. However this is the time to shine as Light Workers and not be influenced by the chaos and dumbing down of our global population by the matrix controllers .

Matrix Collapse

It is time for the control matrix to collapse in order for the Earth Consciousness Grid come into its full power to proceed our Planet to Ascension. We, Light Workers across the planet, are tasked right now to be active participants in this process, as we are scattered around the world. Therefore we can influence the whole grid in our own domains around the planet.

Rainbow Warriors

The Rainbow Warriors represent the different colour energies of the chakras. We are all different ages colours, creeds and cultures. Yet we all have a calling to reunite with our soul families and experience the life we feel we deserve. We all have different energy patterns. Yet everyone one of us is connected through Source. Just as different places have different energies, people have different energies and are scattered around the world. But we are all, by divine plan, strategically placed to aid in the collapse of the control matrix. and restore Earth Consciousness Grid as part of the process of the Planetary Reboot and eventual Ascension. Remember each and everyone of you are perfect for who you are and where you are for this task. Our DNA emits photons and 93% of our DNA is light and sound reception and transmission. So think in terms of frequency and vibration to unlock the key to the universe. We need to tap into the vibration of authenticity. Love and Light is information. Fear and Darkness is the absence of information.

The Hopi Prophecy

The authentic Light Workers are the Rainbow Warriors of the Hopi Prophecy, who's main task is to rebuild Earth Consciousness Grid. It has been rebuilt over thousands of years and completed in April 2009, by a collective of, highly vibrationally conscious, native indigenous peoples over eons across the world, through sacred ceremonies, They led the way and now it is the time for us Light Workers to continue on their work and finally bring down the control matrix during the Planetary Reboot happening right now in October 2020 and bring us closer to the pathway to Ascension which is to follow. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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