Revelations Are Upon Us

Revelations Are Upon Us

January 2021 has been and will continue to be one of the most tumultuous months in Planet Earth's geopolitical and spiritual history. So much change has taken place behind the scenes, out of mainstream media blatant propaganda attempts to deceive humankind during the last year.

The Master Chess Game Of Power

Just like a master chess game, there have been so many moves being played out at the highest levels of power across the world, beyond the far majority of people's understanding, who have been essentially dumbed down by the dark side propaganda machine.

The list of changes are so extensive, that it would be impossible to explain in this short blog article. In addition if I were to express them right now, I would be likely to be taken down across social media, who have systematically gagged anyone who does not follow their narrative.

The Big Shake Up

Those who are still indoctrinated by the greatest propaganda and abject lies of what is really going on within our world right now, perpetrated by the dark side, are in for the biggest shake up in their consciousness. As the revelations come out, as this tumultuous month progresses, in the final play of the master chess game between the dark and light side spectrum of Planet Earth.

Be prepared for what is coming, and help those who will be emotionally so rocked by the revelations which are seeping through day by day, until the time is deemed right to reveal all.

Critical Mass Awakening

A critical mass of awakening across the world has now finally been met, as people have been exposed to so many obvious lies and deceptions, they have finally questioned the false reality they were governed under. Yet the majority still do not comprehend the extent of it and what revelations and true justice will be administered to those who have kept our world in the quagmire of darkness for so long.

Humankind must and will ascend into a higher vibrational existence. But in order to achieve that, collectively, the lower vibrational darkness has to be purged, exposed and held accountable. Which is the process happening right now, for us as a higher vibrational collective conscious species to move forward in truth, harmony and peace, so we awaken all collectively as sovereign beings into the new Age of Aquarius.

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