Ringing In Your Ears

Ringing In Your Ears

Have you noticed very recently the sensation of unusual ringing In your ears? You may wonder if you have damage to your ears or tinnitus, as it is known medically. But rest assured it is a very good sign.

As explained in my recent blogs, we humans are going through a massive change internally, through the process which is happening right now since 17th October 2020, known as the Planetary Reboot which is the first step in the Ascension process.

There are many people experiencing this ringing in the ears for the first time, however those who are more consciously aware may have had this experience for many years, and are noticing an increase in the loudness of ringing in their ears of late.

You may also be experiencing many other aspects of changes within you, if you are susceptible and aware. Just go with the flow of them as this is all part of the Divine Plan of Ascension.

Violet Light Vibrational Frequencies

Currently there is a massive input in vibrational frequency of violet light emitting all over Mother Earth, which is culminating with many changes within ourselves including our changes from our standard two strand helix DNA to a twelve strand DNA crystalline structure.

This process is to boost or evolution from our current 3D physical reality, we have been experiencing to date, to a new 5D existence. I strongly suggest you visually and consciously connect with this violet light emission, as it will help with your conscious understanding of your evolutionary process from 3D to 5D existence.

The energy and frequency of 5D is much higher and lighter. Therefore less dense in energy, what we are now able to perceive is completely different from the denser energies and lower vibrational frequency of 3D reality. Basically the veils of illusion lift and you begin to experience pure and unadulterated form of reality void of any filtered perceptions of reality, hence your experience. As this transition occurs through elevating our vinrational frequency to over 40Hz, hence increased awareness and consciousness, so too our bodies are altering from a carbon based molecular structure to a crystalline form. Basically this means that the energetic patterns and signatures that can be observed through the sacred geometric biological design and structure of our bodies,enables for our Merkaba energetic form to come into being. Crystalline is not like becoming a crystal form but how light and energy operate through our bodies. This upgrading allows for the higher pure 5D gamma light energies to be absorbed transferred and to flow through our cells, DNA, meridians, and energy centres ie. our chakra system upgrading us from 3D alpha energy to 5D gamma energy.

See my recent blog articles on www.psychicgr.com/blog with regard to the Planetary Reboot and Ascension process we are currently experiencing so I don't need to go through the same information on here.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr www.psychicgr.com

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