Sending Love During Holiday Loneliness

Sending Love During Holiday Loneliness

Despite what you may see on social media, many people are feeling lonely this pandemic holiday season, the dharma can help us hold both connection and loneliness in our hearts through difficult times.

Many people are sharing photos to celebrate the Christmas holiday, which is often thought of as a family celebration, yet due to current circumstances people are isolated from each other and cannot have direct contact.

People who share their holiday moments on social media have no ill will or intent to arouse jealousy. Their photos are often meaningful to distant family and others who appreciate seeing their friends in joyful times. However, the people who are lonely, or choosing to avoid holiday gatherings during the pandemic, are less likely to share.

This allows a false picture to emerge. We overlook that these feeds hardly represent the full spectrum of human experience. We may forget to extend compassion to those who need our kindness, or to simply acknowledge that not everyone is celebrating this holiday season.

Sympathetic Joy

Sympathetic joy is the capacity to appreciate the success and good fortune of others without reservation. When we scroll through social media and see happy, fulfilled faces of friends and relatives with their loved ones, pleasure and joy arises within us.. But if you are alone or feeling lonely, it’s not so easy to summon sympathetic joy. With its easy access to images of happy gatherings on the screen, social media amplifies feelings of disconnection, even though these images don’t paint a true picture.

Remember everything is energy, frequency and vibration. All thoughts, words and actions are either based on light and love or darkness and fear. The choice is yours from your spirit as to which you send out.

So even if you cannot visit in person the ones you love, you can still send them love in whichever way you can. When your loved ones receive your love, it will make them smile and know that they are not alone, that they are cared for. All else is peripheral.

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