Snakes And Ladders

Snakes And Ladders

When I observe the span of my current lifetime, I see an emerging pattern, which clearly was one of my major learning processes, within this current cycle of existence on the third dimension.

The emerging pattern clearly resembles the game of Snakes and Ladders.

The Game

The beginning of the game always starts at Square One. You throw the dice and move along and slowly up the board from right to left.

As you land on a square, you may be in luck and have a ladder, which enables you to instantly climb up, whether big or small, up the board aiming for the finishing line of Square 100.

However your luck may be halted by landing on a square with a snake's head protruding, which bites you and sends you down its tail, either big or small, unceremoniously down the board.

Sometimes you may be extremely unlucky and end up back at Square One.

But what have you in hand? A dice which is your magic wand to re throw come what may and re begin the journey.

Life Comparisons

So how could this symbolism of a children's game be so relevant to life.

Well this is exactly how my life has paned out even from a very young child.

I won't go into specifics as it's not necessary. Some close to me know my story. Some have stayed the pace with me holding hands, others have gone off on their separate journey.

That is how life is. Nothing is permanent. Its a journey of experience.

Climbing The Ladder

What I can say, at times in my life, I have climbed ladders due to my persistence, drive and vision.

But also, most importantly, someone has come into my life and recognised the value and potential my vision has.

They have effectively provided a ladder on the very spot I landed on and I've taken it . Risen to new heights, in pursuit of my vision.

I've always ensured my vision is not simply for my own benefit, but ultimately for many others.

However many I can help to climb up the ladder, then that is also one of my purposes, within the overall vision.

It's something I've always done instinctively, without question. I can't envisage otherwise. Some may say it's simply a weakness, but it's in my DNA.

Sliding Down The Snake

There are always times when things seem to come to a halt and you feel yourself slipping back down. These are the small snakes on the board.

This, in fact, represents your own fears overcoming you and you allowing yourself to slide back down. Till you wake up and jump off the slide.

However at times, a much larger snake appears. Often in disguise, as they generally wear masks to fool you. It's their own wicked and self centred ego that drives them.

When one comes from love and it's all you know, one lives in the hope that all others are the same.

Regrettably they are not, and its very hard for an empath to see the deception, as it's not part of their own make up and being.

These snakes bite the most and their tails are very long. They take what they want, without regard to the consequences for their victims or the vision and support they give to others.

They cannot go up the ladder themselves independently, as they have no magic dice. They simply rise upon the ill gains and demise of others. Whilst, like pirates, all the time boasting of their conquests and stolen treasures.

Sometimes it is so devastating that one slides back to Square number one.

No one likes the idea of being there themselves, so more often than not they ignore those who have suffered that fate.

The Magic Dice

Many times I've unceremoniously ended up back on Square one. But each time stronger willed from the last time.

Where as most may think Game Over and fall off the board. I simply see the next square and further on, knowing I still have the magic dice in my hand to continue the game.

The dice is the magic. Throw it to chance and pick yourself back up to move forward yet again.

Now begin another journey and learn from the previous experience.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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