Spirit Talk Radio Guest Speaker Michael John Robey

Spirit Talk Radio Guest Speaker Michael John Robey

Michael John Robey, CEO Psychic Gr is the special guest speaker on New Age Spirit Talk Radio on Sunday 11 October at 10 am PDT (8 pm EEST). Click here for the event link

With Spirit Talk host Angel Thacker, Soul Path Coach & Spiritual Medium.

Spirit Talk Radio features guest readers, practitioners, and personalities from the community. To answer questions, give insight and so much more.

Guest: Michael John Robey

Topic: Spiritual Counsellor / Psychic Medium / Psychic Investigator


My spiritual journey started in my 20's when I found 'Ki Aikido'. I always loved to dance, but I always felt I needed something more to bring balance and harmony into my life. Ki Aikido was the answer for me, providing me with mind body spirit coordination, positive yet gentle ki energy and a rejuvenated lust for life and knowledge. The journey changed my whole outlook on self, ego, super ego, higher self, humility, inner strength, calmness, coordination of mind, body, spirit and the latent universal power we all have within us, waiting for us to tap into. More details We simply have to accept, trust and become more consciously aware of all possibilities of existence. It is up to each and every spirit to decide “how far down the rabbit hole” we want to go to discover our infinite possibilities and capabilities.

Radio Talk Subject: How To Empower Yourself

How to empower yourself during these challenging times and not be a victim of fear (which is the current agenda worldwide by the dark forces) to attain a higher vibrational consciousness and understand your immense capabilities as a Human Light Being in preparation for the ascension process.

Radio Show Details

If you want to call in to ask questions: +1 760-888-5700. (USA) Enjoy our programming, follow our show and visit us on the web! Event link Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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