Stand Firm In Your Conviction for Righteousness

Stand Firm In Your Conviction for Righteousness

We must learn and have the courage to stand firm in our convictions, During troubled times and confusion we often look somewhere out there to stabilise our situation for the short term gain and therefore can be susceptible to coercion depending on how you see the wind blows and be easily influenced by those who have not your best long term interests in mind.

Negative Forces Creating Destabilisation

When a long term plan by those who have only their self interests at heart have planned covertly to de-stabilise other people's lives within their reach, they often come across as false saviours. Then they prey on those who are emotionally weakened by something not right in their lives, supposedly offering the solution, but ultimately plan on taking advantage of you.

Our emotional weakness often makes us cry out for help in difficult situations and make less rational decisions because of the supposed short term gain, to alleviate the current situation.

These situations could be multi-fold, yet a common denominator are sexuality. relationships and wealth, because they are the most vulnerable aspects of our survival , represented by the red base chakra. When these are out of balance in our lives at the base, we are not grounded and more susceptible to be moved in any direction, which appears to be beneficial, only to find at a later date in the long term that it may have been the worst mistake we have made.

Susceptible Empaths

Many empaths are susceptible to this situation. Simply because it just isn't inherent within them to harm others. Then get caught up emotionally with someone who they simply trust because they cannot envisage the evil intent of a scammer and assume they have the same values as them.

These situations have been occurring for eons as people do not have the capacity to see danger or recognise the signs throughout the conversations and actions taken, which would normally raise red flags and consider backing off quickly as something is not right. The overall desire to resolve an emotional need supersedes and fogs their intellect and wisdom to see the danger looming till it is too late.

This happens regularly with individuals, groups, communities and nations, who fall foul of negative forces, purporting to be from the light as saviours.

The greater the numbers involved also create a negative wave sense of despondency, where even though it feels abhorrent and done right or wrong, because everyone else is doing it , one feels you cannot stand firmly alone in your convictions and capitulate to the current trend happening around you.

Stop Ultimate Destruction

Throughout history it has been shown, time and time again, that it leads to the ultimate destruction of free individuals, families, communities, societies and nations. .

Remember who you really are, a sentient light being with your own independent soul, manifesting physically on the third dimension and a solar light body on the higher dimensions, with a soul contract and purpose within this in the third dimensional realm.

So you have to stand firm with your convictions to maintain your own path and not allow yourself to be susceptible to evil forces around you however large or small that may be.

If by chance this resonates with you and you have been victim to this situation, understand you are not alone for sure. Negative entities seek out positive creators to destroy their purpose, simply because they don't have the will power to create their own and consider it easier to take from others, regardless of the morality of it.

Know Your Power

You are strong because you have a code of conduct , morality and aim to reach your soul purpose come what may whilst they are weak and put their fate into the redemption they face when they meet their maker. If possible bring them to justice but overall forgive them for their sins, as the anger within you will eat you up emotionally day by day,, further hampering you to reach your goal.

You must not allow the negative emotional disturbance to continue. You have to recognise the mistake as a learning process and commit yourself to restart a fresh and re focus on your spiritual path.

Return your being to source and ensure your "I Am Presence" vibrates positively with Mother Earth and all other "I Am Presence" across the world, join hands spiritually, ground yourself, feel her vibrations through your feet rising up within the whole of you and vibrate with her.

The Age Of Aquarius Is Upon Us

We are at a pivotal point right now, where it is clear as day that the essence of what I have explained is happening on a grand scale, right now, as the evil forces are placing their final assault on humanity. we must stand together as light warriors and send out our light to take out this darkness once and for all.

Mother Earth is ascending and so are we as a whole, across all human populations. so do not falter. The time has come and on 21st December 2020 we come to the end of the 2000 year cycle of the male dominated Piscean Age into the female aspect of the Aquarian Age.

This momentous change is also clearly being signified by the 0.1 Degree Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter exactly at 0 Degrees on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius celestial skies, om the night of 21st December 2020, the Winter Solstice. that surely must resonate with you of the change which is about to unfold, purging all negativity and ascending us all into a higher vibrational fifth dimensional state.

So be brave, stand your ground come what may during the storm of change from evil, deceit and destruction and reach out, walk firmly, with no fear to the other side of love, peace, freedom into ascension.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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