Stand Up For Humanity As A Whole

Stand Up For Humanity As A Whole

At this momentous time in our history, humanity needs to be clear what's worth fighting for and what we stand for. Quite simply for human survival as we know it. We are now for the first time ever in a position to create our own reality, as the controlling Deep State forces infrastructure of control have been badly damaged over the last year,during a covert war between good and evil, light and dark and a Planetary Reboot will take place in October 2020.

Although it is clear very few of the human population are aware of this, we need to wake up and engage people in the process and not just blindly carry on with our own lives and issues, as though it has nothing to do with us, without regard to what is going on geopolitically and cosmically right now.

Geopolitics When you have been observing the geopolitics and disinformation game for a long time, as I have done, it is clear that the mainstream media, for so long, has been spewing out complete false information, That it is finally now coming to the attention of the general population. The direction fake news and blatant media lies has gone to such a far degree of insanity, much fewer are now taking any of it seriously.. The problem is they don't know who to trust.and still vote on a whim, a caricature or a symbolic highly marketed viewpoint. Not the reality of what is really going on right now or what is really needed right now, To turn things around from currently a heavily attacked human race on all fronts.. The real battle is not between nations, races, gender or cultures. It is about those who want us to steal our liberty from us all and scale up drastically the control through authoritarian globalised rule and those who want to be free, develop our highly developed and evolved harmonious societies in ways we would previously never imagined possible. There has never been an election, quite like it, with this in mind to such magnitude . Yes this has happened before, where war and peace have been gambled upon between states and ideologies. Yet this is a world wide on and off planet battle like no other before. The survival of the human race or not, in my humble view. What Is Your Statement To Vote? Ask yourself what is your statement to vote! Is it simply to choose between two parties, influenced by marketing or is it for the real passion for right and wrong, or not vote at all. Do you have a fundamental understanding of what really is at stake during this election. The stakes are far far higher than ever before in my view. It is fundamentally not about party politics, but good and evil. Which will have the power to change the world forever. A global change to a far more peaceful and better world for humanity, or a continuation and eventual complete lock down of all human values, freedoms and total control by the powers that be, who have for so long been in charge, and are now implementing their final solution of a New World Order (NWO) across our planet.. Trump for all his foibles and behaviours, on and off camera, seem difficult to defend, However he has been for the first time, since Andrew Jackson in the 1800's, a President elected outside of the globalisation agenda, Trump was quoted to say "You need to understand they are not coming after me, but they are coming out for you and I'm in the way." This is an incredibly brave statement to make and very relevant. To which a large majority have no understanding of. Many just see politicians as joke caricatures with no real impact on their daily lives, Things will continue as they always have, Whilst the real reason being is the Deep State has always controlled both the left and right spectrum of politics in all countries. So no matter who was elected, the continuation of the global control agenda rolled on step by step, till where we are right now. Having been elected, the US administration in the last four years has been trying to drain the swamp of a Deep State and the restitution of the core values of the US Constitution. Again in my view very successfully. But that's because I investigate what is really going on out of interest and have witnessed many many positive changes, in undermining the Deep State to such a degree that the matrix of global control is falling down fast. What Is At Stake? This is how I see the main issues being completely at stake. 1) If the deep state backed candidates are voted in, They don't follow their own values or what they campaigned on, they simply put their stamp of supposed authority onto the Deep State agenda.This can be observed time and time again over so many elections. Yet people forget so easily, what they voted for based on what was being said at the time, Whilst for the duration of their administration power, they do exactly the opposite. Then the next election comes along and they spew out what they think the population wants to hear, simply to get themselves reelected back in again and continue on the process of chipping away at human highly dubious and covert ways, Whilst the local, national and worldwide populations are completely blind to the impact. Yet people see their lives and mindset being manipulated, till they no longer have the capacity to think clearly for themselves and simply comply with the next set of control related rules being imposed on them. 2) If the independent thinking and righteous candidates are voted in. These are completely different kettle of fish. They work tirelessly to improve communities, nations and the world. They discuss and strive to find the best solutions, the best economical situations,, the best resources, the best technologies and inventions to improve the state of their nations and become peace makers of highly volatile groups who forever have been fighting each other. The overall aim to achieve harmonious, peaceful and caring communities and nations across the world, for the betterment of humankind as a whole. What Is Your Core Loyalty? So ask yourself what is your core loyalty. Is it to you, your family, your profession, your culture, your community, your country or to the whole of humanity. Because in my view every single one of them is under serious threat right now by the Deep State NWO agenda and the domino effect travels from top to bottom.. Yet you need to realise as an individual of a mass collective of individuals across the planet, we can change that direction of the domino effect from bottom to top. We can each individually stand up for what is right for impacting on us, as individuals,,our families, our cultures, our communities, our country and most importantly the whole of humanity..Awakening everyone in our path towards the bottom to top domino wave of consciousness, so the evil which controls from the top has nothing left to prop itself up with. and It will simply crumble and dissipate into insignificance. Only then we rebuild a far more Utopian and idealistic free world of collaborating humankind towards our evolution as a species and our Ascension into the 5D reality.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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