Stand Up For What You Believe In

Stand Up For What You Believe In

We mainly see people standing up for what they believe in rights movements, or politics, or by people with important causes that they believe strongly in.

Yet in many quarters of society, we see people who silence their opinions and lose their authenticity in an attempt to be liked by everyone or to appease both sides of an ideological divide. Some get muted by those with louder voices, or are repressed in a wide number of ways.

The Cause May Be Big Or Small

The cause does not necessarily need to be political, it can be within your own family, friendships, work environment or within the local community. Just because it may have a small remit or impact, doesn't mean it's not important. Harmony is however big or small.

If a wrong is seen to be committed, whatever the circumstances, you have teh conviction and the right to speak up. Otherwise more often than not the issue doesn't resolve and those around may mistakenly think that the behaviour is deemed acceptable, then perpetuate it.

It could be related to bullying, harassment, insensitivity to others feelings, or many other negative things. The fact remains you feel it is incorrect and must have the courage to speak out in defense of those being hurt.

The Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Would I like whatever the situation whether the act or words used are inappropriate, would I mind if it is directed towards me personally? If the answer is a clear no, then why allow the situation to continue just because the focus is on someone else.

Speak up in defence of the other person it is being directed to, and if possible report or speak directly to the perpetrator. Otherwise the perpetrator will likely continue unabated, and more often than not, eventually is deemed to be the way it is, and others eventually do the same.

Tolerance of it will eventually lead to a bad atmosphere and festering ill feelings, which eventually explode in some way, often when it is too late.

Fear Of Causing An Issue

Do not fear to cause an issue, if you feel strongly about it, then consider carefully your opinion is actually helpful in resolving the issue, you understand both sides of the situation and see where it could lead to if not tackled in the right manner.

While you might think that this is a little harsh or drastic, taking action to stand up for what you believe in is considered by many to be one of the most important values as a leader, in business and in life in general.

The same thing happens in the business world. In an effort to build relationships and secure an internal support base, leaders can lose sight of who they are and what they stand for.

A Liberating Expression Of Free Will

When you stand up for what you believe in, you are your own person. You are in charge of what you do. You get to decide what you want and what you like.

If someone close to you cannot respect your free will, then maybe they are not worth being close to. You and only you can decide who you are, and what you do. You get to stop being a blind follower, and you get to be a full expression of yourself.

Do not willingly give up your personal freedom by simply being a faceless body in the crowd. Be yourself. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing by yourself. Because even if you are standing alone, you’ll know for a fact that it was your choice. It is a right that we all have and is such a shame not to fully exercise it.

Is It For The Greater Good?

But always consider what you say and believe is for the betterment of the whole, not just for yourself, or a minority who are simply usurping another group out of jealousy, greed, or discrimination.

Losing your identity

The more people you come into contact with, the more egos and expectations or differing opinions and positions there are to manage.

There’s a fine line between doing what is right for your personal life or business and trying to appease people that you come into contact with. It is similar in a wide variety of other situations and scenarios in life.

It is in times like these where standing up for your beliefs and making tough and uncomfortable decisions can make a massive positive difference.

There will be days where you will question your own decision making and wonder if you ever made good decisions or were you just lucky to get away with things. Self-doubt and insecurities strike all of us on some occasions. It is when we doubt or worry about fitting in that we need to stand up more strongly than ever for what we truly believe, and not wither.

On occasions, people think that in order to be influential or successful, they need to be someone other than themselves and align their views with those they want to impress and forge relationships with. Or they seek protection of being part of a crowd who all agree with each other.

Consequently, they lose their own identity, which can do enormous damage to their confidence and sense of self-worth. Ultimately, it leaves a dent in your life, or you become a shadow of who you truly are.

What is the best way to deal with such emotions? Stand for what you believe in and admit that you made a mistake. it may be flawed and based upon a flawed model of hypnosis that you did not believe in and had no reasoning to support it. Yet it may be popular and it made you popular. But was it for the right reasons.

We have seen time and again on how the victims become the villains for not having the right influence on their side or just turning a blind eye to avoid confrontation or to appease people in power. Yet thinking "I did not want that for myself or for my work."

Don’t look the other way. Never shy away from a tackle!

Stand your ground and believe in yourself.

Be authentic and stand up for your beliefs

Steps On How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

1. Practice taking actions that support what you believe in, even if you feel fearful of doing so.

Practice learning how to act with courage, having courage doesn’t mean you are fearless, it means you act anyway because you know it’s important. Do not let fear inhibit you standing up for what you believe in.

You can often find courage by remembering your cause and who will be helped by it; think of the difference you are making.

2. Have conviction in your beliefs, but not blind faith.

It’s ok to develop a feeling of certainty in your beliefs. Make sure you know both sides of the issue though. When you’re researching your topic, do not just read what confirms your position to be true.

Seek to know the other side and get fully informed. It is really difficult to take a stand, and stand up for what you believe if you don’t really understand the other side or opposing perspective.

Understand where the opposition comes from and you can debate instead of argue. Look for research and scientific facts that inform you rather than just opinions from supporters of a position.

Standing up for what you believe may make you a target. It is easier to deter a bully of any kind if you have conviction and are fully informed on your position.

3. Speak up and speak out. You need to find your voice.

When something bothers you or detrimentally affects what you stand for, then stand up and take your stance. Know that you have the power to change things going on around you by speaking up. Breathe deep, believe in yourself and your cause, and speak up.

Remember, if you remain silent, if you do not adopt your position, people may think you agree with the very issue you want to stand up against, or the problem at hand. Inaction, remaining silent in the face of the issue will speak volumes to others.

Be composed. Be calm and stick to the facts without getting personal whenever possible. How you make your point is important and will affect the responses you get. If you go into a rage, other people tend to just hear that rage, it speaks louder than your message.

Join a group, write a blog or record a podcast, express yourself, there are so many ways to make your stand these days.

So, when was the last time you stepped up and protected the fragile or the vulnerable such as an injured animal, hurt child, the elderly, or a homeless person?

Your beliefs can feel the same. If you get used to standing up for those who would benefit from your help, the better you’ll get at standing up for what you believe in too.

When was the last time you stepped forward and stood strong in your beliefs despite opposition?

Ask Yourself:

What do I stand for? What are my values? Do I know what drives my behaviour and actions? Are my words and actions aligned? Am I consistent in how I operate?

Working through these questions will give you real answers to your own position about being someone who is authentic and being an effective leader of your own life. Keep your values and beliefs to hand, like a notebook and remind yourself of the core values you seek to extol in your varying roles in life.

Most importantly, you will start standing for something so that you don’t fall for everything If you do not have a cause or a professional stance, then think about standing up for what you feel is right in the world. Anything can help.

A Turbulent World

In this world that is so terribly turbulent, and even violent and with many humans looking away from so many of the indignities, cruelty and inhumane actions. it is up to each of us to take a stand. Speak up for others. Speak up for kindness and goodness.

We must stand united in creating a world filled with acceptance, love, kindness and respect for differences so that we leave a legacy that our children and grandchildren will be proud of and most importantly that we lead a life that we can feel proud of for ourselves too.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”– Winston Churchill.

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