Stay Strong And Focused On Your Mission

Stay Strong And Focused On Your Mission

The Global Reset is happening and it is time for the main event, leading us all through to the Ascension process.

It is time for all of us to finish strong. It is time to perform at our finest . Each and everyone of us have signed up for our own mission.

It is time for you to finish strong, by focusing on your core vibrational frequency. You finish strong by focusing your attention on the highest vibrational time line. So your perception becomes your reality.

During these final days there may be many exterior things distracting you. You may not want these external distractions, which may be throwing you off your path.and your mission.

But your mission in shining your light and leading by example, is within yourself. Because freewill is the Law Of the Universe. So this is your freewill not necessarily that of others.

We cannot control what is around us, even though we are all part of the collective. But we are only responsible for our own core vibrational frequency. So it is important to manage this now and harmonise your core vibrational frequency. That is all you can do.

Many distractions and obstacles will come by and be in the way. But we were born for this. It is time to focus all of our attention on what is to come and what we are collectively creating.

Sometimes people might get upset and you may fall to that mode of fake positivity within the limiting matrix concepts.You may feel this is just a rouse. You may feel the need to save everyone. But we need to be authentic, which is very important during these dramatic changing times.

Freewill is the Law of the Universe, so not everyone will be able to hear you or follow your advice, but that's OK. There are myriads of different beings on this planetary realm right now.. Each and everyone of them is going through at his/her own pace, journey and awakening. So some will sense the change happening, some will not.

We are all recalibrating right now as the time line is shifting. There are so many people that occupy this realm and are experiencing the change either consciously or not. But remember you're only responsible for yourself!. So you need to remember, focus and finish strong in terms of mind, body and spirit for yourself.

You may put a lot of work into it and want to perform when it counts, as that is the right time to shine. The time to shine is during the main event, the Planetary Reboot (Reset), which is where we are right now. But it is important to manage your core vibrational frequency and break free from the limiting matrix concepts which we have been all been suppressed by for eons, limiting our true capabilities.

Right now we are already travelling through the divine portal, advancing towards the fifth dimensional ascension process. So it is important to focus on where we are headed and not worry about the matrix activities, which lower our vibrational frequencies..

We must work on ourselves, in terms of mind, body and spirit. Now it is time to perform at our finest. Finish strong and focus, Light Warriors, on your own personal path and mission, within this collective process of ascension we are all now experiencing. As we are the event!

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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