The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

The reality is that we are not just our physical body and the physical plane is not all that exists. We are magnificent sons or daughters of God. An "I Am Presence" that reflects the full divine potential of our omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, Father Mother God, the Cosmic I Am of All That Is..

We lost awareness of that, as we fell into our own self inflicted abyss of separation and duality. Now all of that is being reversed.and during this sacred holy period of the Planetary Reboot, we are taking a quantum leap out of that belief system and chaos.

So we need to set aside our preconceived notions about this subject and just listen to it with an open mind. Some will think this is unbelievable, but it is not and our " I Am Presence" is very aware of every part of this information.

Our physical body is the vehicle for us to navigate around in the physical plane, allowing us mobility.

Our etheric body is the seed of all of our memories and records all our learning experiences.

Our mental body connects us with the realms of thought.

Our emotional body allows us to experience feelings.

Prior to the fall of man eons ago, we were very aware of all these bodies of ours and we didn't experience all of this confusion in the outer world. But after we fell into the abyss of separation and started being manipulated, through the wounds, the enslavement codes, and our karmic body templates being manipulated and instigated by our fragmented human ego. We started to believe that we are only our physical body.

But the reality is prior to our embodiment in each lifetime, our "I Am Presence" in unison with the Company of Heaven and our Father Mother God,.we reviewed the potential learning experiences to help us to return more quickly to the Light and help us transmute our human miscreations and learn our lessons, so that we will no longer misqualify our sacred gift of life in ways that are not based in love.

We volunteered to experience very different things, through different lifestyles of nationalities, colours, creeds, religions, culture and lifestyles. So we have literally been through every learning experience by the time we have come to this point of the Divine Plan.

Now we have transcended in many ways, our fragmented and fear based human ego, which has perpetuatied our separation and duality. We are now being asked to recognise that we are all a magnificent child of God, a blazing "I Am Presence", containing all the divine potential of our Father Mother God.

With the birth of this new decade in 2020, we will be going through experiences never before attempted in the whole of creation through any system of worlds.

We had no idea exactly what that meant. But when we experienced a worldwide pandemic, where we had no choice but to experience a forced global time out. Making everyone stop from perpetuating all the fear based consciousness of the human ego, in very powerful ways.

This allowed the small still voice in all of our "I Am Presence" to expand into a guided inner knowing. Now our "I Am Presence" has fully integrated into every human being on the planet.

Each and every person is being guided into an intuitive inner knowing, no longer on the enslavement codes of the human ego.

Now we are being asked to remember and recognise who we are:- as a magnificent child of God.

That every single person we interact with on this planet, for us to first and foremost comprehend that we are all a beloved child of God, a radiant "I Am Presence", with all the full potential of our Father Mother God.

Know that this is true regardless, no matter how far their belief systems or their outer world experiences may be, from reflecting that profound truth in this cosmic moment.

That is the shift of consciousness which is taking place for all of ourselves through the Planetary Reboot Of Planet Earth right now in October 2010.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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