The Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived

The Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived

Whether you are aware of it or not, mainstream media from many angles are the power base of information these days, simply providing dis and mis -information to all those who simply switch on to whatever is easy to digest and not investigate as to it's validity or actual truth.

A Covert War

The reality is we in 2020 are in the middle of a covert war between good and evil. The day of reckoning has arrived.

With modern technology way beyond most people's understanding, we are living in the new age of Artificial Intelligence, which is the greatest threat to human kind.

The matrix maze is so deep and complex, having been developed many years in advance, by the elite rulers of this planet. Step by step infiltrating and creating a total stranglehold of every human institution of power. Nothing has been untouched. World and national organisations, which were created to give the impression of being for the good of humanity, have been turned into the wheels for the evil wrongdoers to control every aspect of human life.

The Good Alliance

Yet behind the scenes, the Alliance of Good humans, with power, technology of their own, whose interest is in saving us from annihilation. They have been working behind the scenes, on counter attacking these evil forces, which dominate our present world.

Blinding Smoke Screens

Many smoke screens are being utilized by both sides, to ensure the general public are unaware for political reasons. The evil side to ensure they don't get exposed, and the good side so they don't distract from their main target to defeat the evil.

The Raging Battle Between Good And Evil

But the current raging battle between Good And Evil, is immense and complex. Many inroads have been made to take down deeply entrenched evil camps worldwide. It is no longer a battle between countries, orchestrated by the very elite rulers, to reduce and control populations.

This is a worldwide covert battle being fought. Success by the good forces over the evil forces defeat has been major, but nowhere near complete. The battle still wages on, with very few being aware.

What Has This To Do With Me?

"So what can I do about it? "You may say. "It's far too immense for me to make any difference."

This is such a defeatist attitude in my view. I have written many blogs on how we, as a human race, are multi powered beyond our understanding. We can as individuals and as group consciousness, invoke our power of love, as intentions, to save those who are facing death every day to bring sanity back to our world, and take the evil down.

Why Has The 1% Controlled The 99% For So Long?

Because they invoke fear, hate and negative vibes, in so many ways, we have no idea that this negative energy controls every aspect of our lives. We have effectively become completely mind controlled and most live in fear of some many things, they don't actually comprehend.

If you create enough fear in the 99% then the 1% are in control.

Be Part Of The 99% Who Can Defeat the 1% Controllers

Surely it makes logical sense that if more and more people awakened, the 1% of those awakened can also directly affect those still asleep. The 99% would slowly wake up to their predicament, that they have been blindly walking in for so many years.

Not actually knowing why they are in fear. Their whole lives turned upside down, due to current events, not knowing who to trust, so they stick their head in the sand, hoping it will all blow away. It's not their responsibility. After all it should be the government, the rule makers, the presidents, the prime ministers, etc. "Nothing to do with me!" Not realising they have, throughout history, been the puppets for the elite rulers.

Love Defeats Evil

So in simple terms, send out love, be the essence of love and that will eventually rub off on others in fear around you.

Meditate; send out good energy; do something positive and creative everyday; join in positive group sessions and activities; join in with your local community to improve your own environment.

Whatever you do, it must be positive and help others, in whatever way you can. We all have our own skills to offer after all. So use them for positive effect in your locality.

Be your true self, a good natured loving human light being and awakened. Not a mind controlled robot sheep, which lives in fear, does little to help others and is completely self orientated.

We Are The 99%

We are the 99%, we are powerful as individuals and as a mass group. Evil can be defeated. Are you going to be remembered as a positive or negative action spirit? A superhero or a compliant non entity?

There is no more important time than right now, "The Day Of Reckoning", to make your decision and act on it.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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