The Different Behaviours Of 3D And 5D Individuals

The Different Behaviours Of 3D And 5D Individuals

There are fundamental differences in behaviours of 3D and 5D people during the spiritual awakening of people. We are seeing a big shift occurring right now, as this the year of revelation, 2020 - the year of clear vision.

Subconscious Programs For many years there has been a control of the mainstream narratives. The controllers did this because 95% of your everyday life experience is dictated by subconscious programs. So it can be very exhausting to try to break free of subconscious programs. Some people have already broken free of the matrix and they can now see clearly, whilst others want to hold onto the matrix. Some are stuck in 3D and others have raised their vibration to 5D. We are starting to see different behaviours between 3D and 5D individuals. This right now is the split in consciousness, some people are plugged into the archon reality, whilst others are plugged into nature, authenticity, the authentic reality. As we dismantle subconscious programs, we must understand that freewill is the law of the universe. So this transition the power has been given to common everyday life people. Sharing Information So on our journey we might be sharing. I sit back and observe the difference in behaviours. This message may be helpful and relevant to you. You may be sharing all this information and trying to expand the consciousness of humanity, whilst you are currently being attacked for it. 5D persons may go down the stream and see false 4D posts and obsolete information, they know it is not truthful. They will say to themselves - this person hasn't woken up yet and continues on their journey, without doing anything, because it doesn't affect them. However, when 3D individuals pass by, they will go out of their way to put negativity onto your posts or your words. Because it is human cognitive dissonance, it will go beyond their belief system. Because it is human nature for the ego to defend itself, they will go out of their way to put their negativity on your posts and words. That's in essence the main difference between a 3D and 5D individual. This is the great awakening of humanity. Keep A Higher Vibrational Stance By keeping a higher vibrational stance, we will eventually expose these lower vibrational beings. You may have experienced this behaviour. They may slander you, but you know that it doesn't really affect you. By doing this, you are helping to plant a seed in their subconscious mind, and expose the difference in frequencies. As they see you not reacting to their attempts to slander you. So eventually you are actually helping them to survive, because eventually they will question their behaviour in response to yours, not being moved by it. The shift in consciousness begins in their subconscious mind, recognising they are simply resonating the 3D matrix and maybe there is a different 5D reality to that they previously perceived.

In simple terms it is like when we were at school and we were due to augment into the next grade in a new school not knowing what it would be like and in fear of it. Yet most have no idea that the transition is happening and consciously think they will remain in the same 3D class forever and cannot cope with change. But you continue to prepare yourself for the change because you already sense it's happening. So when you enter the new 5D class you will be surrounded by those who are of 5D consciousness and boy what a ride it will be.  Remember we cannot change what is around us, but we can change from within and the light you shine will enlighten others as and when they are ready to shift.

These are the final days of the matrix. Relax and conserve your energy. Not everyone will wake up. Stay strong light warriors. Improve your everyday life experience by thinking in terms of energy frequency and vibration. Please share if you find this inspiring, so we can assist those going through their journey and having difficulties with it. Eventually our whole population will awaken to bring in the shift from the 3D matrix which has been imposed on us for eons to an ascension global reboot into a 5D planetary existence. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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