The Divine Plan For Mother Earth

The Divine Plan For Mother Earth

During this extraordinary time, people know that something really big is happening on Planet Earth, They realise intuitively that this is the reason why they are here.

Many of them say, that all of their life they have had an inner knowing. and that whatever they are going to make is tremendously different in a very positive and healing way for humanity and Mother Earth. They often have no idea what that means and may think they are crazy for thinking such things. But they are not!

Human Bodily Changes Now due to the monumental changes that have taken place since the initiation of the changes, which have taken place in 2020. Every person has been able to fully integrate into the cure of purity, within the atomic and subatomic cellular structure of his or her earthly body. That means that this aspect of our own divinity can now communicate directly and far more obviously with our conscious mind. For this reason the Beings of Light have been sharing this with humanity over the past several decades. This information has been given to all of us to provide us with the trust, confidence, strength and courage we will need to accomplish this awesome facet of the Divine Plan, which is unfolding on our Planet Earth, during this cosmic moment. Please set aside any preconceived notions you have about your life and who you think you are. Listen to these words with an open heart and mind. Allow your "I Am presence" to reveal to you the truth of this message. For some of you this will reverberate as confirmation of what you have always known. For others this sacred knowledge will sound completely foreign and beyond the possibility you can imagine for yourself. But it is not!

Planet Earth's Divine Plan Experiment The Earth is in the midst of a unique experiment, that has never been attempted in any system of worlds. Never in the whole of creation has a planet, that has fallen to such depth of pain and suffering humanity has experienced, since it fell into the abyss of separation and duality. Then given the opportunity to ascend through two dimensional shifts in such a short period of time. Since this harmonic convergence, which took place in August 1987, the Earth has been ascending up the spiral of evolution from the 3rd and 4th dimension into the initial frequencies of the 5th dimension. Normally a planned evolutionary shift, from one dimension into another, takes million of this years. But this time, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, something dramatic is being co-created. The success of the experiment, we are in the midst of, is destined to permanently change the evolutionary process for every son and daughter of God, throughout the whole of creation, in a most wondrous and positive way. Once Earth's ascension into the 5th dimension is completed, never again will the sons and daughters inadvertently, through curiosity or ignorance, make the fatal decision to use the gift of our life force in such devastating ways, which are not based in love.

Freewill Choice Eons ago, when we originally made the freewill choice to use our creative facilities of thought and feelings to misqualify our life force in such a destructive way, we had no idea what the result would be. We did not comprehend that our reckless behaviours would result in the manifestation of a gross mutation and painful malady, that has caused so much suffering to our individual and collective lives to this very day. But now we do know! Final Accomplishment And Lessons Learnt Once this Divine Plan experiment and Earth's ascension process are victoriously accomplished, the sum total of the details of the humanity's horrific decent into the abyss of separation and duality, as well as our victorious ascent back into the light, will be permanently encoded in the Sacred Halls of Knowledge and Divine Wisdom in the inner realm of the living truth. From that moment forth, every son and daughter of God, throughout the whole of creation will be able to learn from humanity's mistakes and avert our painful experiences. By studying our miscreation and fall from grace, they will be able to learn the lesson of what not to do, through research rather than physically recreating that pain through trial and error like we did. Our Father Mother God says that with victory of Earth's ascension humanity will co create a new octave of Godhood. Never again will the sons and daughters of God have to suffer again, the depth of pain and suffering we have endured on Earth, due to the miscreation we inadvertently and often ignorantly manifested. Because of the success of this facet of the Divine Plan will mean, for every son and daughter of God, from this moment forth, the whole of creation is focusing on this one tiny planet.

Visitations That means the legions of light from suns beyond suns and galaxies beyond galaxies, who have already en visited us and are standing with us now in readiness to assist us, with unprecedented help, during our planetary reboot for which humanity and Mother Earth is now preparing for. This is why we are experiencing so many ET apparitions, who are in effect other humanoid beings from far distant suns and galaxies, mostly of benevolent light, but there are some dark forces amongst them, who are doing whatever they can to destroy the process, not comprehending that the victory of light and ascension is inevitable.

What Does All Of This Mean For You Personally? Well because of the urgency of the hour and the critical need for the success of this experiment, nothing has been left to chance. Every single human being, who has embodied on Earth since the latter part of the 1800's, were specifically chosen and has been preparing for a lifetime for a particular role during this cosmic endeavour.

The Clarion Call During the latter part of the 1800's, our Father Mother God issued a clarion call, asking for volunteers from both the Earth's evolution and throughout the Universe, who would be willing and able to embody on Earth, in order to assist with this experiment. Literally billions of souls from all systems of worlds, enthusiastically volunteered to serve in this way. They clearly perceived what the success of this Divine mission would mean for the sons and daughters of God everywhere, across the Universe. In spite of the horrific chaos, they were destined to face on Earth during the final stages of this experiment, they understood what a gift their sacrifice would be for all Creation. The Chosen Ones In choosing the volunteers, however, enthusiasm and willingness were not enough. Every person chosen to embody on Earth was carefully evaluated. Our various life times and personal experiences were noted, so was the way we were able to focus on the light and to handle challenges in difficult situations. The Company of Heaven said that for every person who was chosen to embody on Earth, there were millions who were turned away. That is not because of those of us who were allowed to embody on Earth are more special or more evolved than our sisters and brothers who were turned away. We were chosen by our Father Mother God and Company of Heaven, because they felt that the way we were able to stay focused on the light and stand in our truth, in the face of all adversary, we had a better chance of succeeding victoriously with Earth's monumental experiment. Because the success of our Divine mission, at the time would result in co creating a new octave of Godhood, that will prevent the sons and daughters of God from ever having to experience again the pain and suffering that our Earth has experienced.

The Gift Our presence on Earth is a gift beyond the comprehension of our finite mind. Because of the gift, Earth's experience is providing the sons and daughters of God throughout all creation, the greatest privilege and honour of any son and daughter of God, in any system of world of physical embodiment, on our Planet Earth during this cosmic moment. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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