The Effects of Mass Solar Activity on Human Consciousness

The Effects of Mass Solar Activity on Human Consciousness

There has been much speculation of how the anticipated mass consciousness awakening on Planet Earth will occur. One main theory is there would be a major solar flare which will initiate this occurrence.

Solar Flares

Solar flares are a sudden explosion of energy caused by tangling, crossing or reorganising of magnetic field lines near sunspots.

The surface of the Sun is a very busy place. It has electrically charged gases that generate areas of powerful magnetic forces. These areas are called magnetic fields. The Sun’s gases are constantly moving, which tangles, stretches and twists the magnetic fields. This motion creates a lot of activity on the Sun's surface, called solar activity.

Sometimes the Sun’s surface is very active. Other times, things are a bit quieter. The amount of solar activity changes with the stages in the solar cycle. Solar activity can have effects here on Earth, so scientists closely monitor solar activity every day.

The magnetic field lines near sunspots often tangle, cross, and reorganise. This can cause a sudden explosion of energy called a solar flare. Solar flares release a lot of radiation into space. If a solar flare is very intense, the radiation it releases can interfere with our radio communications here on Earth.

Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this imagery of a solar flare, as seen in the bright flash. A loop of solar material, a coronal mass ejection (CME), can also be seen rising up off the right limb of the Sun.

Solar flares are sometimes accompanied by a coronal mass ejection (CME for short). CMEs are huge bubbles of radiation and particles from the Sun. They explode into space at very high speed when the Sun’s magnetic field lines suddenly reorganise.

Effects of Solar Activity on Earth

When charged particles from a CME reach areas near Earth, they can trigger intense lights in the sky, called auroras. When particularly strong, a CME can also interfere in power utility grids, which at their worst can cause electricity shortages and power outages. Solar flares and CMEs are the most powerful explosions in our solar system.

Effects of Solar Activity on Human DNA

Solar CME flashes are monitored daily - check out responsible and reliable sources on the Internet. They occur frequently, however generally minor in terms of effect on the Planet Earth and Humankind,

What many enlightened spiritual leaders suggest, is that at some point in the near future, there will be a huge Solar CME, as the star it self ascends to a higher vibrational level and its own consciousness

Because of this major solar CME, the electromagnetic field of the star expands and interacts with the magnetic fields of the Earth and our human bodies, which duly change the vibratory nature of our consciousness re-encoding our full potential Human DNA coding elements, which have been switched off for eons.

Just like a lighted Christmas tree, where the lights need to be screwed back in to light up the tree again to its full glory. This process reignites and expands our consciousness awareness and we become more connected as a species to our mass consciousness and less routed in ego.

The definition of consciousness ascension is the expansion.of consciousness. When this happens all sorts of magical things begin to occur.

Michael J Robey

Psychic.Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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