The Elemental Kingdom

The Elemental Kingdom

The Elemental Kingdom consists of the mighty Elohim, who are the highest beings associated with the Elemental Kingdom. They are known as the "Builders of Form".

There are twelve mighty Elohim and with their twin flame, their divine compliments of masculine and femiinine aspects, that draw each of the twelve solar aspects of deity form the very core of creation.

There is currently a magnificent twelve pointed crown of the Elohim, above the Planet Earth, which perpetually projects light through each point, bathing the Earth with the light which will reflect through us and our life force.

The Directors Of The Elements In addition to the mighty Elohim, these beings direct "the Directors" and guide them to each of the elements of air, water, earth, fire and ether. In addition to those Directors, each of them have an infinite amount of legions of elemental beings associated with each of those elements. So the:- The Directors of the Air element guide the slith of the air. The Directors of the Water element guide undines of the water. The Directors of the Earth element guide the nature spirits of the earth. The Directors of the Fire element guide the salamanders of the fire The Directors of the Ether element guide higher intelligent beings, known as Devas.

Our Human Body Elemental In addition to those elemental beings, that provide for us everything we need to sustain us, on our Planet Earth, to exist in the physical plane, we also have an individualised body elemental, which has been assigned to our "I Am Presence" and our planetary Christ Consciousness presence for our earthly existence. This is the divine lintelligence with our body. We consume air, water and food, which we then absorb, break down, and transform them into all the cells of our body and also the electronic light substance that energizes and pulsates through the intelligence of ourselves. Elements Associated With Our Bodies

This is the direction of the body elemental, which is associated with different aspects of our four bodies. Our physical body associated with the water and earth elements Our mental body associated with fire elements Our emotional body with the air elements Our etheric body associated with ether elements

Divine Alchemy In order for us to cooperate in the Divine Alchemy, which is taking place right now. So we are not only, through our "I Am Presence", ascending into a fifth dimensional existence. We are also taking these elemental substances, through the process of the Divine Alchemy, transfiguring our Earthly bodies from third dimensional physical bodies, through the fourth and into the fifth dimensional aspects of our new solar crystalline bodies. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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