The Emerging Split Realities of 3D and 5D Existence

The Emerging Split Realities of 3D and 5D Existence

Since the Grand Conjunction of 21/12/2020 entering into the new Age of Aquarius, we have entered consciously into a different higher vibrational time line. Those who have awakened to it are experiencing a different reality of higher vibration, than those who are still caught in the lower vibrations of the old Piscean Age.

We have entered a time of two different realities. Although we are still vibrating in a third dimensional reality, beginning to transition into a fifth dimensional reality. So what we will experience is both physical and energy. The way that it expresses itself is that people will see completely opposing realities and perceptions.

We Individually Have A Choice

We are being given a choice, as to how we perceive, think and act upon the dual reality which is emerging.

There are still a mass of people who are still in the 3D reality, within this massive turning point in energy and vibrational changes taking place right now on Mother Earth.

So we have to be very careful that as spiritual persons with an understanding of what is currently occurring with Mother Earth's 5D ascension process, that we also don't lose our connection with the 3D and those who are still locked into the 3D reality.

You may well be experiencing, with people around you during this transition, a denial happening, an open rejection of anything which will rock their reality and accusations made of your folly, simply because they have not become aware of the changes happening and are still mind controlled by the subconscious programming of the 3D control processes, which has been imposed on humanity for eons.

Dark Forces Responding To Losing Their Grip

You must also understand that the dark forces, who have controlled the previous Piscean Age for such a long time, are losing grip on mass consciousness in their favour. The mass consciousness of humanity is awakening in waves, within all human beings and communities, but it is happening in shifts.

Therefore it is evident, because of this growing mass shift towards awakening, that all that has transpired and been perpetrated by the dark forces controllers, within 2020, were desperate measures to put the world into a complete shutdown, culminating with propaganda fear mongering and a trans humanist agenda, whereby people have been herded into a situation, where they are losing all their human rights, their livelihoods, and being subjected to pandemics and enforced vaccinations to be enslaved.

What is becoming apparent, if you keep yourself more informed, is that during the latter days of December 2020, following the Grand Conjunction and Winter Solstice, marking the beginning of a New Age certain key areas have been targeted .

The key three independent states, the bastions which have always been controlled by the dark forces, London, Washington D.C. and Rome are experiencing even greater restrictions than anywhere else.

London, for example, entered into a Tier 4 lock down, with just a 24 hour notice on 23rd December 2020. The M4 circular motorway which encircles Greater London has shut down all exits from London. All flights have been cancelled out of London, which has effectively closed off London to the rest of the world.

Washington D.C, is under high alert and under severe lockdown, with many non essential workers within governmental and military installations, being informed not to go to work. There has been a mass exodus from that area and other key American cities over the last couple of months, as people are realising that there are major safety issues, confidence and prosperity has collapsed.

Rome was one of the first cities to be subjected to a draconian shutdown for some time. Yet its stranglehold has tightened greatly over the last month. It is still unclear what exactly is going on there right now, as accurate information is so sporadic coming out of there, but it has effectively been under siege as per older times in history.

On a military level, this is showing the desperation of the dark forces, who have been under retaliatory attack by the light forces over 2020. It is mostly occurring covertly, because no real news is being provided by mainstream media, mixed messages from alternative media and false flag distractions, taking place to divert attention. It is in the hands of higher powers than ourselves.

Always remember there may be more to come, but we cannot control what is happening without . But we can control ourselves within. That is our own personal choice within the journey. So focus on that!

On a planetary consciousness level, it is showing that the light workers have successfully worked on clearing negative energies as part of a Divine Plan. But also because of the nonsensical activities with fraudulent elections; confused, unreasoned and inexplicable pandemic responses; and draconian shutdowns with again unexplainable reasoning; a variety of completely different reactions and rulings taking place around the world.

Critical Mass Awakening

This has reached a tipping point in bringing forward a critical mass awakening of those who previously simply followed the dark agenda without question, who are now finally realising that something seriously is amiss here, but are still confused and wondering what and who to trust and believe.

The reality of this confused situation happening on Earth right now, in a 3D reality, is all part of the awakening process into a 5D reality. Choices have to be made individually by each soul existing on this planet. Understanding why they came here at this particular time, and what kind of world they want to continue in and develop for the future of mankind.

Our Future Is In Our Hands

Our future is in our hands, individually and collectively as a whole. It is no longer to be determined by a select few in power, deciding whether to control us or exterminate a large proportion of us at their will, to reduce the population to a manageable number as they see it to control us all in servitude to them.

Yet we have to be patient and see the awakening process, as waves of shifts of consciousness of awakening. Being in the now, not procrastinating about the past disasters, or projecting on the future in fear.

Be In The "Now"

The whole point of 5D existence is being in the flow of the "Now". We have to attune to that and vibrate with that notion fully. Be it ! Be your "I Am Presence"! Be in the present "Now"!

Let the transition take its journey as it is meant to be. Just like flowing down a river It cannot be forced upon, or attempt to go against the flow. You have to experience it all in totality, as it changes from moment to moment in infinite "Now" moments. We are all going down the same river journey towards 5D and higher conscious reality, but we are all also doing it individually.

Focus on your own journey in the "Now", trust in the eventuality of a fully incorporated 5D reality and simply hold the hand and heart of others who need our assistance.

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