The Expansion Of Divine Love

The Expansion Of Divine Love

During our Earth's Planetary Reboot, which commenced on 17th October 2020, the Expansion of Divine Love was reflected through the heart flame of every man, woman and child. Which brought into balance the masculine and feminine polarity of God within every person's heart flame.

This is a process which has been manifesting for a very long time, around the world. Light Workers have been awakening and remembering the presence of our Mother God and focusing on driving forward the feminine aspect of our "I Am Presence" and re balancing our male and female polarity in every person on Earth as an aspect of the Divine Love energies.

Light Workers are being tested right now as high vibrational light beings focused on the light, in the face of all adversity, instead of being pulled into the chaos which has enveloped our world over the last few months.

Those of us who have been magnetised to participate consciously in this Planetary Reboot, through our "I Am Presence", have been chosen specifically as surrogates on behalf of all humanity.specifically to hold the concept of the Divine Plan.

Critical Mass

What has occurred now, is that we have reached a critical mass that allowed this transfiguration to occur within the heart flame and the right brain hemisphere of every man, woman and child belonging to or serving the Earth at this time, whether he or she is in or out of embodiment.

The critical mass can be explained in quantum physics. When an electron is raising its frequency of vibration and reaches a critical mass of 51% of the higher vibration, it creates an unstoppable shift and moves its whole into the higher frequency absorbing the rest of the 49%. The electron disappears from the lower frequency and reappears in the higher frequency.

This is exactly the process which is occurring on our planet today. In terms of, step by step, moving of awakened people into the higher frequency vibrations of light consciousness, until reaching its critical mass and thereby shifting the whole of the population into a state of higher frequency vibration of consciousness as a whole.

Having reached this critical mass on October 17th 2020, it allowed our Mother God to once again activate the right brain hemisphere of every man, woman and child on Earth through their "I Am Presence", whether they were consciously aware of it or not.

That activity of light then flowed through every person's heart flame and the pink flame of divine love anchored within humanity's hearts was brought into balance with the masculine left brain polarity of our Father God.

The Fall Of Humanity

When we closed our heart centre, with the fall of humanity eons ago and Mother God had to withdraw her light, our right brain and our spiritual brain centres became almost dormant, causing our Crown chakra of enlightenment to close. We were then barely able to receive enough of the love nature of our Mother God through our right brain hemisphere and our heart to sustain brain consciousness.

When that happened we began creating a fragmented fear based aspect of our lower.human ego. Our fear based aspect could no longer communicate the power of our Father God balanced with the love nature of our Mother God.

As our fragmented ego began existing in the outer world with our Crown chakra closed, we no longer were able to receive guidance and direction from our " I Am Presence '' and the Company of Heaven. Our lower human ego made the erroneous decision and conclusion that our physical body is all that we are and the physical plane is all that exists.

So our fragmented ego perceived its action, through its physical, etheric, mental, emotional bodies. It came to the fatal conclusion that whatever it needed to do to fulfil the gratification of its fragmented ego, it would be appropriate to lie, cheat, steal or kill.

So now we are seeing the end results of that fateful decision of our human ego, which has been manipulating and controlling us now for eons of time. With all the chaos, selfishness and mind control by the few over the whole population.

As well as that overall fragmented ego being reflected within our own daily lives through ego based thinking and actions by individuals, without any consideration for the effect it was having on others and the whole of our now fragmented ego based civilisation.

Through this process, gradually our ego has been reflected through the consciousness of our "I Am Presence" to awaken it and to realise that is not who it is. But our ego fear based and fragmented being, has fought tooth and nail to prevent in any shape of form our "I Am Presence" to take command of our earthly bodies. Because our ego believed that if our "I Am Presence" took command that our ego would die and cease to exist.

Which caused our ego to become stronger and stronger and try to hold on whatever the cost. However It had a negative effect of moving us into the light. It caused us to give up because of the resistance that we had and not having no self will power to raise our self consciousness to become our true balanced nature with the masculine and female aspects.

Activation Of The Twelve Fifth Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands Of DNA

In order to understand the magnitude of the opportunity of the cosmic light being where we have reached the critical mass to activate the initial impulse of humanities twelve fifth dimensional crystalline solar strands of DNA . This is the DNA that pulsates through our "I Am Presence" and our fifth dimensional crystalline solar light bodies.

So for the first time, that frequency of light has begun flowing through our human earthly bodies. It contains the entire divine potential of our "I Am Presence" and all of the patterns of perfection, which we will be able to manifest and that will assist us through our genetic coding to manifest the infinite physical perfection of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.

With that activation this Divine light has been integrating gradually and slowly, as we have been moving through the early months in preparation to the birth of the new decade of 2020.

During this time the activation of the twelve solar strands of our DNA, which resonate within our "I am Presence", has allowed the "I Am Presence" of every person to transmute the wounds of our Earthy bodies within our genetic structures from our fall of grace.

Enslavement Codes

These wounds are referred to as "enslavement codes". These are the codes which are the fragmented fear and ego based encodes into our fragmented and short circuited double Helix DNA for eons of time Which over many lifetimes created a very distorted karmic birth template which we brought into our earthly bodies every time we reincarnated on this planet.

These enslavement codes and karmic birth template which manipulated our earthly bodies after the fall, contained the distorted and mutated into gross codes of ageing, deceases and death that we have experienced over eons of time.

So when those chords were severed and the coding of distorted templates was transmuted into the light, the wounds were healed and it pathed the way for humanity and Mother Earth to move into an entirely new frequency of vibration in this new decade.

Thirteenth Gateway

This new decade began with a powerful eclipse series which started on Christmas Day of 2019 and completed on January 10th 2020. During that eclipse series, in the full embrace of our Father Mother God and the Company of Heaven, with these newly healed bodies Planet Earth and all life upon it, was able to complete our Ascension process known as the "Thirteenth Gateway", which was a critical part of our evolutionary process and our Ascension into the fifth dimension.

As we passed through the Thirteenth Gateway, the doors to the old Earth carbon based planetary energies, which contained all the mutated patterns of our old feared based human and the wounds of the ego based, were permanently sealed and removed into the initial impulse and the full embrace of the fifth dimensional crystalline fields of the new Earth.

This allowed the "I Am Presence" of every person to activate higher frequencies of light, through our twelve fifth dimensional crystalline solar strands of our DNA, than we have ever experienced.

Through several activities of light that took place this year, beginning with the planetary shutdown and time out we experienced such as the pandemic. It began activating our transfiguration codes.


When the completion of moving through the gateway was completed, we moved into the full embrace of the new decade. During this 10 year period, humanity will be able to empower the latent powers within us and literally transfigure our earthly bodies and Mother Earth into the heart based patterns of perfection of the fifth dimensional patterns of the New Earth.

We are going to receive assistance from the heavenly realms for all man, woman and child, with all of the Legions of light focusing on us in ways never before been attempted before.

Why Our Planet?

The reason the whole of creation is focusing on this one tiny planet, is because when we complete this ascension process into the new Heaven and New Earth, we are taking our collective experience with us. That whole experience of our fall of grace and the horrific pain and suffering it created, will be encoded of Akashic Halls of Knowledge in the inner realms.

That sacred knowledge will be available to the sons and daughters of God through all creation to.never again, out of curiosity, make the freewill choice to experiment with our gift of life and then endure the struggle with what we had created.

A New Octave Of Godhood

We are literally creating a new octave of Godhood and the sons and daughters of God will never again delve into the depths of pain and suffering that we have experienced.again.

So by us going through the Thirteenth Gateway, the door will be sealed, never again will humanity experience that level of pain and suffering.

The Crystalline Fields Of The New Earth

We are now in the crystalline fields of the New Earth..

What is happening now is the transfiguration codes are being activated within our twelve solar strands of DNA, from our "I Am Presence".

This is activating within our earthly bodies of humanity the divine body template. Which reflects the immaculate concept of our fifth dimensional crystalline solar light bodies template of God's infinite perfection

We are going through a Divine Alchemy of transfiguring our carbon based planetary cells into a crystalline based solar light cells.

We are beginning to experience a new higher crystalline frequency and allowing our divine body template to be encoded. As our new crystalline spine is now activated.and moving into higher frequencies of fifth dimensional light.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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