The Game Of Power

The Game Of Power

Amidst the current global panic of the pandemic scenario, currently being experienced today in the spring of 2020, there is much going on worldwide at the highest levels of the world power structure, unbeknown to the vast population of Planet Earth, as they are being subjected to; viral contagion; lock downs; failing businesses; stock market crash; and mass media disinformation to name a few. This has created a mass panic and a sense of being out of control of their lives.

Whether we like it, recognise it and accept it or not, we are at the beginnings of the biblical times of the Revelation, as well as other similar teachings within other worldwide religious teachings.

Playing The Ace Card

The Darkness Forces have played their Ace card, for world total domination, on the table of the Game Of Power, having dominated the game for eons. Yet all along the Light Forces have been busily preparing, in the background for all this time, in response and are now activating their own Ace card in response, on a worldwide scale.

The Game Of Power is far to complex to discuss in this article, but if you have been aware of it, done your due diligence and researched thoroughly, you will know what I am talking about.

Just as in all previous world major conflicts, these conflicts are always planned well in advance by those who wish to impose their draconian ideals and rules over the duped population. Whilst the world population carry on their daily lives, often in complete denial, ignorance or blindness to the reality of the situation and how the game is being played out.

Do Your Research

I have written previously many warnings of this time and the Game of Power. Hopefully this has reached and touched some reader's consciousness, to awaken them and encourage them to do their own research. But the mass media controlled by the power elite, to which many listen to, erroneously thinking that the truth is being told by them, despite history showing over and over, time and again, that misinformation prevails particularly during times of conflict.

Imagine you knew beforehand, how WWI and WW2 would have played out, prior to them starting. The devastation and people's whole daily lives changed forever worldwide. What wisdom and actions in preparation, spiritually, mentally and physically, you would have done in hindsight, had you known what was coming. Few people do so, yet those who are aware of the tell tale signs, do prepare, much to the ridicule of others, still blindly carrying on their lives as nothing is happening, until it lands with an explosion on their front door. Then panic and complain bitterly that they are not prepared and what futile things they are missing, a good example being toilet paper.

This is not unique, every conflict worldwide, whether nationally, regionally or locally has this impact on local populations. Yet, when times are supposedly feeling good and on the face of it normal, time and again, memories fade rapidly. The stories and warning of previous generations, who have experienced these turmoils, are simply cast away as memories of the past, nothing to do with now and people continue to live on as though this will never happen in their lifetime. Well folks it is happening now, in a way far more sophisticated, faster and covert than ever before.

Be Prepared

So please take note and prepare. If you feel I am simply scare mongering then look around you, as you see daily events and the world around you in your locality, change day by day, as we enter and progress within this current geopolitical conflict.of the Game of Power. Do not bleat after when "the cat's milk has already been split"

The Light Forces Will Prevail

On a good note, the Light forces are acting right now to defeat the Dark forces, who have ruled this planet for eons, in ways most have no understanding of. If you don't want to know the details, then fine. It is any individual's choice to see, believe and act according to their gut. We are freewill light beings after all. Our heart tells us what to do and what is the truth. All I ask is not simply be from the mind, be controlled and live in fear of the unknown.

Empower Yourselves

Please note you are not disempowered. I have written many times before about the power of mass meditation, raising your own personal awareness, vibration and consciousness. All these personal efforts, both individually and collectively, can and will assist in the balance, change and outcome of the endgame of the Game of Power currently being played out.

We are the Light and Light always prevails over Darkness.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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