The Grand Conjunction And Winter Solstice 2020

The Grand Conjunction And Winter Solstice 2020

A very important new portal towards the ascension process opens during the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter which also coincides with the Winter Solstice on 21st December 2020.

We have all experienced and life transforming events during the tumultuous year of 2020 have taken place on the third dimension on Planet Earth..

However on a higher dimensional level, we have also just experienced a number of transforming portals, due to celestial alignments in 2020 greater than ever before. Which have enabled humanity to safely receive higher frequencies of fifth dimensional crystalline solar light.

Humanity will now develop latent abilities to transfigure our earthly bodies and our outer world experiences into the heart based patterns of perfection associated with the new Earth.

There is a greatly expanded collaboration between the awakened humanity and the Company of Heaven which has never been attempted before universally.

If you have been following my blog with regard to the celestial events which have passed through during this momentous year. You will be aware of the profound truth contained through these revelations of our Father Mother God.

Now as the year closes we have two activities of light through two final celestial events to transcend the pain fulfil vestiges of manipulation, oppression and control from the old Earth, which are now being dismantled and are crumbling away.

Through the unified efforts of awakening humanity and the divine intervention we receive from all these celestial events from the Company of Heaven celestial beings. we will ascend a quantum leap forward into the new patterns of the heart based template for the new Earth.

The final two activities which are due are the Winter Solstice on 21st December 2020 and the rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn known as the Grand Conjunction.

The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter And Saturn

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter takes place every 20 years, but this year the closeness is within only 0.1% of separation. Which will look as though both planets are just one from our vision on Planet Earth. This closeness of alignment between these two planets has not been recorded for over 400 1623, but they were too close to the Sun to see from the UK or other middle latitudes at that point. The last time they could actually be observed so close together was in 1226.

The fact that this alignment also coincides with the Winter Solstice makes it a unique celestial event not previously experienced before.

The Grand Conjunction Winter Solstice 2020

The Age of Aquarius

In addition the conjunction will also take place at 0% in the air sign of Aquarius, thus creating a sacred space for the "I Am Presence" of every son and daughter of God evolving on Earth to elevate our Holy Breath.

This will allow each of us to receive higher frequencies of prana and life force with every breath we take. Empower our efforts as we unify our hearts and minds, in the process of co creating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

The Divine Violet Flame

The seventh solar aspect of deity which is the Divine Violet Flame of God's infinite perfection, is the predominant effect of Deity, which influences the Earth during the new 2000 year cycle of the Aquarian age and the end of the Piscean cycle we have finally leaving..

The Violet flame will be amplified exponentially through all time frames and dimensions. Every thought, feeling, word, action memory and belief that yet remains to be transmuted into light, will be enveloped into the Violet flame and transfigured back into its original perfection.

We have been given a visualisation by the Company of Heaven to help us to focus our attention on the Violet light, as we awake t its powerful influx during the Winter Solstice and Grand conjunction taking place on 21st December 2020. The influx of the Violet flame will clear the path in unfathomable ways for the birth of the New Earth in the new Aquarian age and our year of 2021.

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