The Grand National Of Life Purpose

The Grand National Of Life Purpose

The Grand National Race, one of the most gruelling of races, which takes place every year at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool England, has always symbolically resonated with me as to achieving our individual goals, despite all the fences put in front of us, knowing that there many more to come yet still pursuing our goals come what may.

We all have a soul purpose, which we spiritually agreed upon and signed up to when we agreed to manifest on the third dimension as physical human beings.

We may have karmically returned many times, in different ways, time periods, cultures, creeds, colours and sex etc. Each time providing us with a completely different perspective of life, but with a reasoning to resolve certain emotional aspects of ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not.

When we find our life purpose, each and everyone of us in our own individualistic way which attunes with us, we pursue it.

The Race Analogy

Some of us will fall at the first fence and not get back up.

Some will continue on but get worn down by the negativity and misunderstanding of others, or society regulations imposed on us. Then fall at a fence near to the beginning.

Some will soldier on mustering all their efforts to overcome fence after fence, barrier after barrier, growing in strength and will power as they jump over each one amongst all the others with the same resolve.

Some will fall because another rider or horse will topple them in the midst of a crowd of others, representing the negative will power of another causing them to fall.

Some will reach sight of the end finishing line but fall at the last fence as the journey has become so exhausting and the sight of the finishing line is too much, as though they just can't get there and lose their sense of purpose or resolve.

Some will falter on the last stretch of grass with the very sight of the finishing line in their midst, the energy and power of resolve too much to push through to the end with speed.

Just a very few make it to the finishing line with a feeling of elation, whether they were first, second, third or last. Their purpose resolute and completed within their own time, But despite all had the strength and will power to get through it all, come what may.

Where Do You See Yourself ?

Where do you see yourself in this race? What is your finishing line? What are the barriers / fences you have faced and jumped over or continue to face? Where do you find your energy to continue on to jump all these huge fences? What do you need to resolve within you to continue on, come what may?

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