The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening of the 18th century, that swept the colonies of America' and parts of Europe, was a major step forward in the awakening of consciousness of it's time within the history of mankind. It ignited people's imagination, transforming people's practice of worship from formality, ritual and ceremony to something very personal, which laid the foundation for the American Revolution.

The Modern Day Global Revolution

Now in 2020 we are living in a very special time in the history of humanity. A global revolution is taking place, in which ordinary citizens around the world are working together to understand and expose the corrupt system that governs us. This system has triumphed through deception. The purpose of the Great Awakening is to penetrate into its lies and reveal the truth.

The Three Stages Of The Great Awakening

The first stage of the Great Awakening is the heightened awareness of the existence of the State - which are essentially the interlinked governmental entities that operate outside the law to extend their own power. Elections and popular opinion do not affect the state's ability to impose its agenda. The second stage of the Great Awakening explores the alliance of statesmen with other powerful sectors of society: the media, Hollywood, charitable and non-profit institutions, public schools and universities, religious and academic organizations, medical and financial institutions, medical, scientific. This step can be painful, as you find that "the ones you trust the most" (Q phrase) are repeatedly deceived. Favorite celebrities, religious leaders, doctors, educators, pioneers, investigators, truth seekers and "good people" are isolated all at bay, as their message is suppressed, taken off air or penalised for providing an alternative narrative or point of view, which doesn't suit the elite controllers. The third stage of the Great Awakening is perhaps the most painful of all. The people who rule us are not just without morals, who see us as obstacles to their quest for more money and power. It's more scary than that. The forces we serve are actively trying to hurt us. That is their goal. We are in a coordinated attack.

From Darkness To The Light

What most rulers fear is their exposure to the light of truth. Exposing their crimes from the darkness to the light of public scrutiny destroys their power to deceive. And as their power wanes, the darkness of our divided, violent world will be transformed into a light of freedom, cooperation, and peace. Remember the light always dissipates the darkness.

Where We Go One, We Go All

Originally a sailing quotation. "Where We Go One, We Go All", made famous in the film "White Squal", now Q Anon 's most famous phrase expresses the movement's global equality. Every country suffers from the oppression of the ever growing system of control by those hiding in the darkness of obscurity. The whole world will benefit from the rebirth of freedom. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the Great Awakening is to accept the corruption of the rulers; whom Q and many other truth seekers describe as a sect. The emergence of the Jeffrey Epstein 's story has helped awaken people to some degree with some of the crimes of the elite rulers. More high profile arrests and incarcerations are already in motion, just like an intricate maze of falling dominoes, as they out each other to save their own skins. The mysterious temple on the Epstein's island implies possible future revelations that are so frightening and so ill-fated to such an extent that the human mind cannot even imagine them. The elite reliance on stating humankind cannot handle the truth, justifying their actions on behalf of a blinded human population, is no longer justified. Lack of awareness is the catalyst for evil actions to take place unabated. Whilst awareness, however frightening or difficult to stomach, leads to a positive correction towards true democracy, equality and good governance. After all this was the purpose of the first great awakening in 18th century America, although secretly usurped by the governing controllers of the world at the time. To ensure their survival and governance. Yet still to date is celebrated worldwide as a revolution towards human dignity, equality and democracy.

The Truth Seekers

Dedicated truth seekers, such as Q supporters, and many before it's emergence, believe that the sect is engaged in satanic ritual practices that establish the use of blood and are aimed at exploiting the innocence of children through many and various ill practices. The evil darkness of these sect members thrive through barbarism, war, contagion and terror. These revelations will be difficult to process and be understood by the general public. Yet, The Great Awakening is growing fast in pace with the evolution of alternative media dedicated to investigate, publish, and get the truth out; regardless of the grave dangers they face. Michael J Robey

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