The Great Awakening Map

The Great Awakening Map

The Great Awakening Map emphasises using our Collective Consciousness in constant meditation to manifest the Optimal Timeline Reality for Full Disclosure.

Champ Parinya is a Thai American Hyperdimensional Artist living in Thailand. A metaphysical researcher for over 12 years, who set out to create the supreme one-page-meme that would awaken humanity to the hidden secrets of reality. In mid-2018, his Great Awakening Map was designed and released on social media. Since then, the map has awakened millions of minds around the world and continues to be a mind-opening red-pill during our Consciousness Renaissance of humanity. The map has the potential to ultimately lead one out darkness toward complete spiritual enlightenment. Across the world, millions are awakening to the truth of reality.

It is another tool to assist in ending the mind control rule of the elite controllers releasing free energy technologies to clean and heal the world, free humanity from financial slavery, open contact with extraterrestrial family, and prepare for the Great Solar Flash: An evolutionary event bringing about spiritual Ascension and activation of our crystalline based solar light bodies.

The Ten Main Aspects Of The Map

1) Planet Earth

The pivotal organisations both on the good and evil spectrum. Planetary key areas of influence and its Schumann Resonance.

2) Our Solar Planets

The influence of each solar planet both in relation to activities taking place on them and energetic influences across the solar system and Mother Earth

3) The Secret Space Program

The secret programs controlling human interaction with our solar system.

4) The Galactic Federation

The benevolent federation of ex terrestrial beings assisting us on Planet Earth through the Planet Earth's ascension process.

5) The Dark Forces

The Dark Forces which have been instrumental in the control of human evolution and subconscious programs to enslave humanity.

6) The Rainbow Body

The elements of the newly awakened human crystalline solar light body through transmuting Divine Light enveloping our planet, The transfiguration process of activating our Light Body is found through the instructions of Dzogchen Meditation taught by master Tibetan Monks and Yogis. The consummate knowledge of this map is helping others discover ways to activate their Light Body in order to escape rebirth on Earth.

7) Hyperspace

The basic elements of the complexities of hyperspace and the multidimensional realms beyond time and space, which holds the greatest secret to the truth of reality and what it means to be human.

8) Whistle Blowers

The most up-to-date revelations regarding the Secret Space Program disclosures are provided by key whistle blowers and researchers.

9} Extraterrestrial Contact


Extraterrestrial contact is the pinnacle discovery of The Great Awakening as many civilisations across the Universe have already been through the process

10) 5D Ascension

The key elements of the ascension process of both Planet Earth and All conscious living beings abiding on it. As we have passed through the Planetary Reboot and Grand Conjunction, the Great Solar Flash nears, it is prophesied that our Light Body will be activated during this cosmic event. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor

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