The Great Solar Flash

The Great Solar Flash

We are living in the days of the Great Solar Flash, which is much more than you can even imagine. The sun is changing and so are we. We are all coming forth towards the victory of the light.

The Sun Has Changed

The sun has changed as was prophesised. Many people have seen the changed luminescence of the sun. The sun has gotten brighter. It has levelled up yet again in the last few weeks. The sun is even brighter, more white and the colour has changed, lighting up everything around even brighter.

Light Is Information

When we think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, we unlock the key to the Universe. Light is information and right now human consciousness is expanding at a rapid pace, as it is connected to the light. The luminescence of the sun, the energy of the sun, is very relevant to this time period, as light is information for the evolving human consciousness.

When we understand that 93% of the function of our DNA is light and sound, reception and transmission. Yet, throughout your entire life, you were given a program that did not serve your greatest purpose. You were told you had junk DNA. But that junk DNA is very important, as it is the receptor of light and sound, reception and transmission.

You have been given subconscious programs to fear the sun. You may have been told to stay out of the sun. There have definitely been a huge worldwide control programs recently, the pandemic scare for example, which has imposed social distancing and closing down of society, enforcing people to stay at home, so they are no longer out in the open air and the light of the sun. There have also been many attempts, through sinister dark technology, to actually dim the sun. All of these agendas are designed to disconnect you from the sun.

Many of you may be aware of this time period and prophecy. Yet around 2022 -2023, nobody knows the exact time or date, it is estimated there will be a major solar flash. Those who have not raised their vibration by then, will not be able to withstand the intensity of this light energy emitted from the solar flash.

Light is information and we are connecting all the dots. Information is all around us during the final days of the control matrix. You have been lied to your entire life, through subconscious programming. The light energy from the sun and your DNA are much more important than you were led to believe.

These are controlling attempts to disconnect you from the sun. As the controllers of this planet do not want the general population to awaken and increase its DNA activation of higher consciousness and awareness.

So go out and experience the increased brightness of the sun and allow the solar energy, it is currently emitting, to assist in your DNA activation for your overall wellness, enlightenment and increased higher consciousness.

Energy is the ability to cause change and we can detect energy's presence by noticing the change. Many of you are at different points of your spiritual journey and awakening.

Some of you may have been aware of the change in the Sun around 2012. You may have noticed that he sun is brighter than years ago. May be this is the first time you are aware. Ask yourself has the Sun changed since years ago?

There are many individuals, volunteer enthusiasts and qualified scientists who have dedicated themselves to monitor the activities of the Sun and publicise their observations through social media. But only the few who have an awareness of change are attracted to these revelations. Whilst the majority have no awareness of the change, as no one is directing them to be aware.

In fact the very opposite has happened. because the controllers know full well its significance, and its effect on their subconscious programming of fear. That is why there are many attempts to stop you connecting with the sunlight.

Everything Is Upgrading In Waves

The sun is changing and so are we. Everything is upgrading in this electric universe. That is what is happening now.

The lower vibrations will not be able to withstand the great solar flash changes, So it comes in waves, as we have awakened in waves. We are the waves of volunteer light workers. Some have awakened some time ago. Some are awakening now, and some are not yet awakened at this time.

Everything in the Divine Plan of Ascension comes in shifts of waves, it doesn't happen all at once. There is no right or wrong when you wake up, it is all done in divine timing.

The incoming increased energetic bursts, that are shown in the Schumann Resonance of Planet Earth,. are further evidence that the energy frequency of the planet is changing and upgrading.

We are unlearning and relearning. We are going to learn the authentic meaning of this life as an essential part of human evolution towards ascension and 5D reality.

A group of spirits have come here at this time, the 144,000 Warriors of the Rainbow of the Hopi Prophecy. We are all different colours, classes and creeds, but we are all the same vibration.

Have you noticed the changes in the sun, the planetary frequencies and the awakening of human consciousness for a while?

Revelation and Apocalypse

Light is the information. Darkness is the lack of information. Everything will be revealed in the light.

This is why this time period we are currently experiencing what is known as "The Revelation", the revealing to human consciousness through the energy of light.

"The Apocalypse" is not to be feared. it is only a subconscious program put out by the controllers of the narrative. "The Apocalypse" is the great revealing, where everyone will return to source frequency, which is the opposite from the controlled narrative of fear!

Darkness Attempts At Disconnecting Light As information

Many attempts are being made to disconnect us all from the light, through fear being pumped out in so many ways, In addition many attempts are being done to further disconnect us from the light, too many and complex to discuss on here.

Yet the power of cosmic light frequency information has been given to common everyday people to awaken them out of the 3D matrix of false existence, and to reignite our "junk DNA" into its optimum capacity, to assist us to evolve into Humanous Illuminous evolved 5D existence.

The Power Is Within You

Do not give away your power to the darkness of these false idols that will fall. The false idols syphon the energy from our people worldwide. Remember the power has been within you all along. It is time to rise up and raise your vibration as we approach the time for the Great Solar Flash.

Be conscious that we cannot control what is around us, but we can control within us. It is time to take back our everyday lives. Raise your power and vibrations within you, light warriors in readiness!

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