The Mainstream Media Circus Is Collapsing

The Mainstream Media Circus Is Collapsing

I very recently noticed some mainstream news have finally begun opting to tell some truth about all the lies and deceit over the events in the last few months.

This is a major U turn, as to date they have been falsely advocating complete nonsensical claims and down right falsehoods, by simply following their owners demands (the dark agenda of deep state control) and rendering the whole world into a completely unnecessary lock down, with all the horrendous consequences for ordinary people worldwide.

Most who simply believe what they are told, without logically investigating and rationalising any sensible judgement.

They will generally simply follow the media narrative of the day. regardless whether it is completely different from what was declared the truth before, maybe even the day before. Basically today's news is the only truth, despite what history may show in evidence to the contrary. Because they can't be bothered to question it. Yesterday's news is simply binned and forgotten.

But if one disagrees with the narrative, then be damned as you are vilified and shut down for daring to question and conveniently branded a "conspiracy theorist" simply to shut you up. The fact is that by far of the small and large mainstream media outlets worldwide are solely owned by the Elite Deep State. Fake News For quite some time now, there has been little evidence of genuine independent writers, broadcasters and investigators. Which one would normally assume should be the case. After all they are the deliverers of news, which should be independently verified for the truth. It's popular term being FAKE NEWS. But regretfully this has not been the case for a very long time. Deliberate mis and dis information has been churned out like confetti day after day. If one investigates one can observe, so blatantly apparent, within the whole spectrum of worldwide news, that they continuously use the same phrases, newsreel footage and speeches across the board. How can that be independently verified news? This is not free speech, or proper investigative news work, it is quite simply propaganda dictated to them by their corporate owners.

The Pandemic It has been an issue for a long time. But the coverage of latest pandemic scare worldwide, was so abused that not one of them dared to go against the propaganda or put out any alternative discussion or evidence against the ludicrous supposed advise, casualty figures and hysteria, which any sane person with limited intelligence, could easily see through the cracks

The whole purpose was to bring down the human community, local and large businesses, which it very successfully perpetrated for well over 5 months. What became very apparent was that any alternative discussion or comments by researchers, commentators and journalistic investigators were taken down, their sources of income radically reduced or completely shut down. Surely, if those who simply repeat the given narrative, to put people in fear across the world, are completely allowed and encouraged to do so, for pure financial reward, whilst those with an opposing argument are simply shutdown and financially destroyed. It tells its own story. Pure and simple manipulated and orchestrated propaganda. With recent fleeting changes of tact from certain large media outlets actually now questioning the propaganda for the very first time. The signs of a change appear to be emerging.

What Has This To Do With Spirituality? It has everything to do with it. Freedom of speech and truth seekers have been cast aside for so long, suffering all kinds of ridicule, personal attempts on their livelihoods, families and in many cases, have mysteriously died or disappeared, when deemed to be too dangerous for the elite deep state agenda.

So What You May Ask?

Well wait till it happens to you when you suddenly find yourself in the limelight, whether by design or quite simply falsehood, and see how devastating and frustrating it becomes for you and your loved ones. In addition, fake news creates false fear, blame and condemnation, (basically trial without jury) on individuals, families, communities, regions, creed, sexual agenda and nations. With little recourse to counteract the fake news. Let's hope some sanity returns soon and the perpetrators of this particular debacle, true justice is done and are brought to account.


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