The Matrix Is Collapsing

The Matrix Is Collapsing

Did you feel the Earth shaking recently? Is our reality shaking too? We can all feel it because the matrix that we have all been conditioned, controlled and ruled by, for eons, is about to crack and collapse.

Recent Unusual Earthquakes In early September 2020, Planet Earth has experienced two earthquakes in very unusual locations:-

1) London (Magnitude 3.9 earthquake) and 2) New Jersey (Magnitude 3.1 earthquake). Previously, the last large earthquake to affect London occurred on the 6 April 1580 and was estimated to have been a relatively large magnitude 5.5. On November 29 1783, the last earthquake occurred in New Jersey,. with a magnitude estimated at 5.3, it stands as the most powerful earthquake to occur in the state. So Why Would They Have Occurred Now? By natural causes? Or deep underground bases in both areas being blown up. Where the globalist forces have been sheltering and running their world domination campaigns, or where many previously abducted children and adults, forced into the sex trafficking trade, have been rescued?

This information has been filtering out via alternative news outlets, but definitely not on the mainstream news worldwide. Who knows? Maybe the truth and full disclosure will come to light one day, when the ruling class decide that its own population "Can handle the truth". In my view our reality is being shaken to it's core. The shaking of our Earth is like a representative of the shaking of our reality. The earthquakes, in two key financial centres, dominated by the Deep State for eons, are raising the consciousness levels of all people worldwide. The positive Alliance movement is taking out the deep hidden infrastructures of the Deep State empires, underground in keys areas.of the globe.

Rising Consciousness These earthquakes are raising the consciousness level of many individuals to start asking questions. I've noticed, within my own online and off line community. people are, for the first time, asking questions about the reality of the current happenings worldwide or put out by the mainstream media. The impact, content and propaganda of happenings worldwide is now so absurd and disturbing, it is finally waking people up to question.their validity. More recently, people have started to do their own research, asking questions, listening and wondering why so many strange abnormal things are happening everyday . Whereas before, they were completely oblivious to them, or not questioning the narrative churned out by the mainstream media. It either, in their limited viewpoint, didn't personally touch them, affect them or impose on their lives, "So what does it have to do with me?" scenario.

People can be so filled with propaganda fear mongering, it is easier to keep an emotional distance from it to survive and continue with their daily lives, as though nothing extraordinary is happening around them, until the extraordinary or devastation lands on their doorstep. Not everyone will take this course, but the increase of people asking questions is clearly showing a marked increase in the last few months.

Sovereign Beings People are becoming sovereign beings and seeking their freedom of thought and their lives. It is just a matter of time. The matrix cannot continue. It has already been broken. Ascension symptoms are running high in many ways. Now the next question one must ask is:-

What will the human race build in replacement as the control matrix collapses?

Simply slide back again into a controlled state of mice, turning the wheel of fortune for the very few, as slaves.

Or can we, as free evolved conscious sovereign light beings, let go of our egos, our pride, our selfishness, our avarice and build a new Utopian future for our children and our children's children and the whole of mankind?

The choice is ours! Take responsibility and make your choice.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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