The Next Shift Of The Divine Plan of Ascension

The Next Shift Of The Divine Plan of Ascension

We are currently going through a Planetary Reboot and the next shift of the Divine Plan for Ascension is to create a sacred space that will be created through the activation of our higher consciousness and expansion of integration of our "I Am Presence". This will create a quantum shift, within the mass consciousness of humanity, that will raise the consciousness of humanity into the reality and understanding of the Oneness of all life. Instead of the fear based consciousness of separation and duality, which was perpetuated by our fallen human ego. This quantum shift will raise our consciousness into the oneself of all life, paving the way for the next phase of this shift. Which will ultimately result in Humanity, through our " I Am Presence", being able to anchor the new patterns of our heart based reality. That is the existence of the fifth dimensional new Earth and our fifth dimensional crystalline solar light bodies. So now we are moving into the new and higher momentum of that understanding of what it means to be One with all life.

In the outer world, as we experience that shift of consciousness within us, where previously we have thought of ourselves as being separate from our brothers and sisters. Yet the Oneness of all life means that every facet of all life in the whole of creation iis interrelated, interdependent and interconnected. Every facet of life reflects from the foundation of our Father Mother God's transfiguring divine love in the overall encompassing divine matrix of our Mother and Father God's divine body.

As we were breathed forth tthroughblue and pink flames, as individualised expressions of God, we manifested as our "I Am Presence" and we activated our left and right brain hemispheres. The left brain with masculine polarity of our Father God and the right brain with the crystalline perfection of the love nature of our Mother God.

Those flames were anchored within our hearts, The blue flame of the masculine power and the pink flame of the feminine love. That was transformed into the violet flame of God's infinite perfection. Which then blazed up into our spiritual brain centres, activating our Pituitary and Hypothalamus glands, awakening our crown chakra. Bringing forth the yellow gold flame of enlightenment and Christ Consciousness, which is the level of enlightened consciousness that we were invested with as sons and daughters of God.

Then we magnetised around us our earthly bodies; our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. We used our creative faculties of thought and feeling to express our life force in ways which would add the light of the world and expand the perfection of the outer world, increasing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth itself.

For more information, see my recent blog articles on with regard to the Planetary Reboot and Ascension process we are currently experiencing, so I don't need to go through the same information on here.

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