The Plight of Abducted Children

The Plight of Abducted Children

For many years thousands of children have been going missing across the world. Mostly vulnerable children from unstable circumstances, whether in care, orphanages, unvetted religious backgrounds, mixed up with sex trafficking, immigrant trafficking, or simply on the street. A few come from stable families who are often on holiday in a foreign country and unfamiliar with the local hot spots and off guard.

Regretfully very few make the headlines, with exceptional cases, due to parents investing a huge amount of effort raising funds, to force and rattle the authorities and police to investigate. Yet very few have been successfully resolved.

Usually it is just one more added to a vastly growing list of missing persons on some official police office walls, with little being done to pursue the reasons why.

My Personal Experience

I've been well aware of this problem, ever since an incident happened to me when I was just 13 years old. Somehow I survived it, initially through my own initiatives of saving my life, realising the gravity of my situation. Although the circumstances very nearly ended me up with official conviction and incarceration at that vulnerable age.

The circumstances I can't go into, but had it not been for my father's intuition of a clear miscarriage of justice, which was done in secret and I still have no idea of the details, the likelihood would have been that my teenage years and possibly my life would have been irrevocably damaged forever.


As I grew up, I became aware that my experience and many much worse than mine, were not isolated. Yet no one would talk about them openly or even acknowledge the growing problem.

This complacency completely baffled me, as a child and young adult, within a society I erroneously thought protected it's children. But as I grew up and worked within a number care institutions, as well as personally counselling many victims, it became more and more apparent that this was widespread worldwide issue.

The fact is, the horrors that children faced upon abductions, were and still are too much for the average person to comprehend and stomach. Therefore it is much easier to turn a blind eye, than acknowledge the issue.

Complicit Institutions

Until it happens within ones own family and realise what an uphill struggle it is to either find ones child, or understand the complexities of so many institutions, which proclaimed to be for the good of humanity, were actually a valuable source for abusing and abducting young children. In addition the complete lack of reliable investigations by the authorities.

Children's support institutions, many very high profile, were the main source of abductions. and holiday parks overseas. Over the years I have worked in some.

What is clear, wherever vulnerable people are living or congregate, they become target areas for those who prey on them. People mistakenly think their family members are safe in their care and completely oblivious to the atrocities that actually go on. If investigations did actually emerge, they were generally squashed, held up, smeared and discounted by very powerful people. For the simple reason, if one would be discovered the opening of a whole can of worms would happen. Staff, both workers and managers, are put under enormous pressure to not reveal anything. It eventually becomes the norm and no one suspects of anything outside.

The Truth Is Often Too Hard To Stomach The reasons for these abductions are more abhorrent than the majority of people can stomach. I wouldn't want to go into details on here, but it is highly shocking. satanic and completely inhumane. But I can assure you it is a worldwide corrupt system, highly profitable and highly protected by certain authorities, the police and legal systems. As regretfully some very powerful people and organisations have a vested interest in keeping a lid on it.

The Evil System is Collapsing Only in thatae last few years, has evidence been uncovered, only a handful of high profile individuals have been arrested and convicted. However at long last, this year of 2020, major changes have happened due to many long years of secret investigations and information gathered by those at a high level of power, having been incarcerated. The evil pack of cards is finally crumbling. Only now certain astute national' political administrations have finally taken the step to eradicate the trafficking rings, and busted wide open the underground bases, situated worldwide, which were used to incarcerate 1000's of abducted children and adults destined for the evil sex and slave trade or ritualised sacrifices, which has grown expotentially in the last few decades.

Underground Bases Although not being released by mainstream media, as they always are controlled by the evil wrongdoers and power brokers of the world, in 2020 there has been a major covert war going on. Part of which was to release these unfortunate children and adults, incarcerated in deep underground bases for years.

Traumatised When eventually released from their captors, who were arrested or killed en mass, the military forces, charged with destroying the bases and releasing abducted innocent people, were shocked at the scale and atrocities they saw. Much as when the genocidal Nazi concentration camps were discovered at the end of the Second World War. When saved the abducted children and adults were so traumatised, having had no sunlight, for lord knows how long and the pressure on the body due to the deep depth of the underground bases, creating the same symptoms as the deep sea divers bends. When finally rescued these children and adults couldn't survive normal air and sunlight having been cooped deep underground. So they had to be nursed with intensive care ventilators to slowly acclimatise them to the outside world and freedom. Not one word has been quoted in the mainstream. media of these atrocities. What a world we live in! Let us pray for their full recovery.

My Personal Thanks I'm thankful to my father for having been brave enough and standing up for my release. I too could have ended up in their horrendous underground bases, with thousands of other unfortunates, not surviving and never seeing daylight again. However distasteful this story maybe, it is the truth for so so many. And it's about time humankind acknowledged it. So it can never happen again.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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