The Positive Aspects Of A Worldwide Lock Down

The Positive Aspects Of A Worldwide Lock Down

In this moment in time, during this current worldwide lock down, is the greatest opportunity, for a very very long time, that humanity has been given for a new beginning to see the light through the darkness. The nature of which has not been seen before throughout human history.

As I and many others observe, seeing, thinking and acting differently, people are questioning previously held narrow values of lifestyle and the way modern life is constructed by the controlling elements of this planet.

This is also leading people to more questions about their true and inherent lifestyles. Whilst what they previously thought were important, based on media and mind controlling advertising leading their consumer habits, thoughts and actions in a materialistic and self satisfaction mode of living.

Reconsideration of Values

This worldwide "lock down" is leading people to reconsider what is important to them. People have family and friends not in the same house and can't go and visit them..They had employment to go to, colleagues to interact with and fulfil the desires mostly of their employers and not their own.

Major distractions, such as large scale sports games or music events, clubs and pubs etc, all controlled by the big media consortium's and large corporations, to entice you into what they want you to buy into, eat, drink or bet on, are no longer there.

Millions are at a loss as to what to focus on, as it took up all their thinking and energy and now what will they turn to now to entertain themselves and survive with less.

So What Have You Got?

You have yourself and those around you that you love.!! You have the ability to spend time to educate yourself.on whatever motivates you personally. not how the system wants to educate you. But the real truth which has been hidden from all of us. That the powers that be over many eons, have manipulated our world to force us to become simply cogs in a wheel of a controlled work force, with low returns, and given artificial pleasures and past times to occupy our leisure down times.

So maybe this enforced lock down will change our perceptions.of what is really important. Turn to our local community, close friends and family, to actually help each other out, instead of ostracising and vilifying them. for not joining in the party out of their confinements.

Just as you feel when you pick up the " Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200" card in Monopoly. Being incarcerated or house bound for whatever reason, usually due to illness, accident, financial or punishment, whilst everyone parties and gets on with their lives, within the narrow minded cog wheel constructed for them in today's society. Which, I am sure, we all have previously experienced at some point, I certainly have on many occasions!!

Yet despite not being able to participate in this so called "made up party", it has provided us the opportunity to reflect spiritually and enjoy the simpler things in life.

A Return To Nature

The other major positive aspect is quite clearly evident if you look around. The roads are empty, the day to day hustle and bustle of modern day lifestyles have suddenly ground to a halt. Our air and outdoor land space are cleaner, tranquil, as our planet should be.

Nature is able to breathe again and flourish. The animal kingdom are able to venture out of their hidden dens more freely, as our society had confined them, without due thought of their role in the making of diverse life on this planet.

Reset Your Thinking And Habits

Try not to bleat about what you don't have, which seemed important but actually are not. Look at how you can change your lifestyle, with what you have around you and your local community. Participate and enhance it. You will soon find there are many more pleasures to have in a simpler lifestyle.

Human beings have the opportunity to seek new fulfilling, yet simpler, more spiritually guided ventures to occupy their time and space. To benefit the whole not just the selfish ego of oneself from the past.

Another step towards individual and mass great awakening and higher consciousness has been taken.

Michael J Robey Psychic.Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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