The Power Of Authenticity

The Power Of Authenticity

Authenticity is about presence, living in the moment with conviction, confidence, staying true to yourself and unveiling the mask of deceit. An authentic person puts the people around them at ease, like a comforting, old friend who welcomes us in and makes us feel at home.

Authenticity is being genuine, real, veritable, and sharing the sense of actuality and lack of falsehood or misrepresentation.

Authenticity carries the connotation of authoritative confirmation that things or people are what they are claimed or appear to be. There’s never any doubt or questioning the integrity of an authentic individual. Their behaviour, in terms of ethics and morals, is as predictable. You know what you’re going to get.

Authenticity has faced something of a public relations crisis in recent times. It seems the word has lost meaning because it’s now ubiquitous in business, on personal blogs and even in style magazines. Everyone wants to be authentic. Though the people who preach its virtue often don’t understand exactly what the word means.

What many of us realise is, when we’re looking to build relationships in life, we want to grow and learn from people of values. This means we identify and desire to find people who are honest, trustworthy and kind. On this path, we find that we don’t have time for those who don’t deal in the truth.

Non authenticity is a human characteristic that can be sensed from miles away. We want to avoid it at all costs!

How To Be Your Authentic Self

Know and Be Yourself

Being authentic starts with knowing who you are and being in touch with yourself in the moment. It is a journey of self discovery. Not simply compliance with other norms simply to blend in like everyone else.

Treat People With Kindness And Respect

Authenticity doesn't mean expressing how you feel in a way that's hurtful or judgmental. Observe your words and actions so that your intention is kind and just for all those around you. This will encourage others to be and do the same. Everyone wants kindness they seek it but you must give it too.

How do you feel when someone treats you like badly? We all feel terrible when we are disrespected and even violated. This emotion should stirs up a desire within us all to act with kindness and love and not reciprocate hurtful actions. Be kind to those around you. Watch how radically your life begins to change The very act of being kind will boost your happiness. People derive satisfaction from helping others, because they genuinely care about others welfare, and because random acts of kindness are a good way of making new friends, and starts off supportive social relationships.

Learn The Art Of Surrendering

Think of surrendering as a gentle approach to obtaining the life you want. If you are unsure of what it is that you want, surrendering gives you the space to figure that out without the fear and judgement that can crowd your mind. Picture a leaf gently falling from a tree limb and gracefully floating to the ground. No struggle and at peace. This is what it means to surrender.

Bring Your Whole Self To The Fore

You must shine your light to its full capacity. Do not hide who you truly are out of fear of rejection. As long as it is truthful, honest and creative, it will be reconsider by those who truly value it and cannot be undone by others. If it is untruthful, dishonest and uncreative it will be assimilated by those who simply do the same to hoard their own power and resources for themselves at the detriment to the whole. .

Let Go Of Control

Control is simply an illusion. Life will flow how it will. We want things to go a certain way so badly and we think we have to ‘fight tooth and nail’ in order to have things be the way we want them to be. However, when you try so hard for something and fight against the current, you are pushing away the very thing that you want!

Trust Yourself

The time-tested advice of “Be Yourself” stands for a reason. It’s probably the best advice you will ever receive. You may think is simple or cliche, but never the less as true as ever. Being true to yourself means that you are an honest, trustworthy person who lives by a code of morals and values. Being true to yourself is fundamental to living a life of integrity.

Walk The Walk

Authentic people are high-character individuals who don’t just “talk the talk,” they also “walk the walk.” Which means, they back up their positive, empowering words with actions that benefit themselves and others. Be true to yourself and do what you say you’re going to do.

Think Inwardly Look Outwardly

Authentic people are deep thinkers who generate thought power from within, and transpose it outward to add value to the lives of others. To act in an authentic manner, we must first give deep thought to what it is that we want to do. This requires keen emotional intelligence, which is partially composed of the ever-powerful trait of self-awareness. Be mindful of your thoughts. Be careful of how your actions influence others. Act with good intentions and motives and you’ll be admired for your authenticity.

Be Objective Not Subjective

Being objective is having the ability to see from above the whole situation and observe all for what it truly is within a wider band of consciousness. Whilst being subjective is simply looking from within a narrow band of consciousness and effectively simply following others with limited perceptions and understanding. You will great a much greater insight as to how the world really works around you and where your place is authentically within it.

Be and Live In The Moment

There’s nothing more real than a person who lives in the moment without worry or concern for needless matters. Who do you know that truly embraces the moment? Someone who doesn’t bother checking their smart phone every five seconds to worry about an email, social comment or some trivial matter in a virtual world? Or someone who is living and experiencing reality in their life to the full within their home, families, community or nature.

Living in the moment means concentrating on exactly what is happening in your life at that precise time. It demands that we remove the baggage and clutter from our lives to live our best in the moment. Presence and concern for right now are achieved when we eliminate distractions.

Be A Great Listener

Being a great listener is not just suited for conversations with our loved ones or business partners. It’s also about listening to the very important voice inside our heads. Listen to your intuition. Do what your heart is telling you to do. That’s what an authentic person does.

Be Open Minded

Open mindedness is built on trust, faith and an acceptance of a call to action in our lives. Open mindedness is the antithesis of anxiety, stress and intolerance. See the beauty around you and the wonders of life and our world. Open your heart to those who love you and be true to yourself.

Be Fair To Opportunities And People

Be fair minded and willing to entertain new thoughts, ideas and people, and all they bring to the fore. If you are stuck with limiting ideas and perceptions you will never see other truths from differing viewpoints across other people, communities and cultures. Don't just have a village attitude to life, although they have their merits. Go out and seek the world outside of your norm and it will change your perceptions entirely. Authentic persons are open to new ideas. They may live by a code of values and morals that remain constant, but when it comes to opinions, people and events, they’re always open to listening. Authenticity asks that we judge free of bias. That we’re honest brokers who are impartial in all affairs.

Break Down Subconscious Programs of Control

Break down subconscious programs which restrict your thinking and capabilities. They have been implanted in all of us from a young age for a reason. They don't want you to be a pioneer and break through barriers, be your true self., find your own power and not be simply a cog in the wheel which they have created. This will bring issues as you don't comply with restrictive rules, which do not make any common sense and are not right for all of us. Don't simply be compliant and end up not thinking for yourself. Right now we are going through the greatest restrictions ever experienced across the world. Do not think it's happening just in your own community, it is happening worldwide. They only way we will overcome this is through the power of authenticity within ourselves and enlighten others to theirs. So there brings forth a true democracy and equality for all without oppression of the masses for the benefit of the few.

Be A Pioneer

We came here for greatness, that's why we are here. On our spiritual journey we can take an easy path or a more difficult path.. We are here to lead with the power of authenticity. Not everything will be easy. We came here to be pioneers. I came here to do the unthinkable. I personally have achieved things which no one else has done which have brought happiness and personal growth for people who were being restricted and disabled because of their situations. they lived within their community. I have always spent a lot of my time with those who are impaired by their situations and lack belief in themselves. Having founded communities which would support them individually and as a group, so they can develop and become their true selves.

Recognise Your Power That You Came Here To Be

You need to recognise your own power and recognise the person who you came here to be. Some people came here for greatness and are moving huge boulders of consciousness within their communities to ensure that we are free , independent thinking and not simply a robot within a control matrix. These people are facing so much oppression from those whom they simply control. This has always been the case for eons. But in life today due to information technology , All aspects of life can be observed and restricted in so many ways. That it becomes virtually impossible to live ones own life as wanted.

Our Journey May Be Difficult

On your journey you may be taking the more difficult path which toughens you up and makes the person you came here to be. You are not here just for the easy way out. Some people may not wish to dip into difficult ways and will make excuses to take an easy way out. Yet difficulties teach you so much. So be grateful for the lessons they have taught you, and not just succumb to them and cry over spilt milk.

Hypocritical Teachings

We might come across hypocritical teaching, non authentic teachings, because they have become popular things to share . Popular hypocritical teachings are then transcended via mainstream and social media to such a degree that it becomes the norm and everyone follows it without question.

Spiritual Authentic Teachings

But we are here for spiritual authentic truth. This may be difficult to find under the cloud of hypocritical teachings, mis and dis information we we are bombarded with through social and mainstream media. So we have to search for it authentically and learn our own way. The answer is within our hearts.

Words And Actions Create Energy Vibrational Frequencies

Ask yourself what is the energy behind the words people say and actions they take? What is the spiritual authenticity of them? Be fully conscious of that . Sense the energy protruding from them. The energy from their spirit expresses itself in terms of vibrational frequency. If it is the truth it vibrates at a high frequency in positive truthfulness and love/ If it is false it vibrates at a low frequency, in negative fakeness and fear. See the vibrational frequency and ask are they for the betterment of others or simply for the selfish needs of themselves?

Arise To The Occasion

n inopportune conditions we have the choice to rise to the occasion, so we can perform at our finest. They may not be popular. It may not be easy. But we are not here for the easy way out, we are here for the authentic truth.

Shine Your Light

Shine brightly and be the person you came here to be. Some people came here for greatness on a wider scale, but you have your part to play also within your own sphere of influence. Remember we cannot control what is around us, however we can control within. Be conscious of the power of authenticity. Use this to raise your vibration and increase your electromagnetism. Shine your beacon of light for all to see and light up the darkness around you. We will then be able to bring down the control matrix as a collective beacon of light warriors across the world. Then we will have created the pathway to our evolution as human beings within a fifth dimensional state of being.

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