The Rhythmic Holy Breath

The Rhythmic Holy Breath

Over the years we have heard a lot about the divine alchemy about transforming our earthly bodies from carbon based planetary bodies into crystalline based solar light bodies.

In order to move forward this alchemy of divine transformation a quantum leap is required in this year of transition 2020.

What the external beings of light are teaching us is something very easy, that you and I, and the rest of humanity, have the ability to do every day.

They say if we will do this, it will change everything in our divine alchemy process. All we need is the willingness and the dedication to do this consistently, on behalf of ourselves and the rest of life currently evolving on our mother earth, Gaia.

Carbon and Crystalline Based Molecules

Carbon based molecules are predominantly carbon. But crystalline based molecules are composed mostly of silica and oxygen.

Unfortunately at this time, the oxygen in the air, that humanity is breathing, is polluted with a myriad of toxic substances. This means that the oxygen our body elemental and our I Am presence have available to use in this process of divine alchemy, is not nearly as pure as it should be.

Consequently the crystalline based cells are harder to form and the process is taking much longer than necessary.

The Remedy

In order to remedy this situation, we are being assured by out Father Mother God, that if we will use the Rhythmic Holy Breath and command our " I Am Presence" to in breathe God's pure source oxygen from the very core of creation, and then project it through our earthly bodies into the physical world of form, we will be able to transcend the pollution in the air we currently breathe.

Our I Am presence and our body elemental will then have pure source oxygen, to form the crystalline based cells of our solar light bodies and all the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

The Rythmic Holy Breath Exercise

I will share with you the Rhythmic Holy Breath which is transformational. To begin I will describe how the Rhythmic Holy Breath is done.

The process needs to be repeated seven times as directed by the company of Heaven.

The Rhythmic Holy Breath is very simple. It consists of four parts:

1) The In Breath

Breathe in and hold the breathe in.

With each of these in breath we follow the following affirmation statements within the silence of your heart:-

" I am breathing in God's pure source of oxygen".

2) Hold The Breath In

Now hold the in breath in and as you do affirm within your heart:-

"I am assimilating God's pure source of oxygen".

3) Exhale The Breath

Exhale the breath and hold the breathe out.

With each of these out breath we follow the following affirmation statements within the silence of your heart:-

" I am breathing expanding God's pure source of oxygen". 4) Hold The Out Breath Now hold the out breath and as you do affirm within your heart:- "I am projecting God's pure source of oxygen".

Repeat Seven Times

This Rhythmic Holy Breath is repeated seven times.

Now breathe normally. your "I Am Presence" will reveal to you how vitally important this Rhythmic Holy Breath is for you, humanity. the elemental kingdom and Mother Earth, Gaia.

Memorise this simple process and if possible repeat it several times throughout your day.

Michael J Robey

Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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