The Schumann Resonance Is At An All Time High

The Schumann Resonance Is At An All Time High

The Schumann Resonance spiked with an all-time high of 17.0 Hz (Power 36) between 27th February and 5th March 2020 to date. ! This is the highest it's been since December 2019, and in fact the highest it's ever been. There are no such things as coincidences only synchronicities. Nothing will stop this. For more information please visit my blog article: regarding The Schumann Resonance .

Ascension Symptoms

Many of you might be feeling extreme ascension symptoms. You may have felt a need for deep rest and sleep, as your body copes with the DNA changes happening on every level within you. In addition, there are marked changes happening within the planets, signifying major changes in our Solar System, showing that this energy and global warming is everywhere not solely on Planet Earth. "Evidence that CO2 is not the principle driver of warming on this planet is provided by the simultaneous warming of other planets and moons in our solar system, despite the fact that they obviously have no anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. Mars, Triton, Pluto and Jupiter all show global warming, pointing to the Sun as the dominating influence in determining climate throughout the solar system." (Ian McClintock) Ascension symptoms and DNA activation of the great awakening is being felt worldwide, within all of us. However many are not aware of why, as they are not consciously aware of the ascension process. Human beings have been sharing the Schumann Resonance as evidence to the near future event, the great change on this planet - the shift to the 5th dimension.


Energy is the ability to cause change and we can detect the presence of this new energy, by noticing the change. Wherever this energy is coming from it doesn't really matter, the fact is the energy is here right now. This energy which is measured by the Schumann Resonance which has now reached its highest level ever of 17.0 Hz, provides us with the energy within us to upgrade our DNA. 93% of the function of our DNA is light and sound reception and transmission. Our DNA is being activated and, therefore, experiencing ascension symptoms during this process. If you go out into nature, this helps ground yourself to the Planet Earth, connect and synchronise your own resonance directly with the vibrational frequency the Planet's Schumann Resonance. It is important to raise your vibration to match with this increased Schumann Resonance, as it is the frequency of the Planet Earth. What have been your experiences been on your journey?

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