The Schumann Resonance Is Rising Fast

The Schumann Resonance Is Rising Fast

We all feel the energy right now and beyond our feelings, we see the evidence in the Schumann Resonance, which is the pulse vibration of our Planet Earth.

The Schumann Resonance has been very low for a while under 40 Hz.We haven't had a lot of activity. above 40 Hz. Yet the peaks which go above 40Hxz affect human consciousness and our planet. But in October 2020 now that finally there has been some major activity. over 40Hz.

All this links in to all the articles I have been sending out about the Planetary Reboot and Ascension process which has now begun.

You may feel this energy right now. There is no way out,. We are all going through the bottleneck of time and we have to all sit calmly through this together. We are going to feel this immense energy, which will affect all of us.

The Final Days

These are the final days and all assets deployed both physically and spirituality. So, Light Warriors, we must stand together during these final days.

We see this now in the Schumann Resonance, as the energy is high and we are gearing up for the event.

Like a Tsunami, we've had calm before the storm. The energy pulled back and now the energy is coming crashing in like a tsunami wave.

It will affect all of us but we all know intuitively that we were born for this time. It is time for us to prepare. We need to practise what we preach. We need to overcome our fears and perform at our finest during these inopportune conditions.

We are all feeling this now. Sometimes we have to sit back and be the observer. When the energy is rough, we need to go slow and not jump the gun, as all assets are deployed for the main event.

You may feel it right now. the energies might stir you up and experience hardships and attacks in all forms. But we need to be strong in this time period, as it is not going to be easy. It will be tough. But, Light Warriors, we need to focus our intent, then we can overcome it.


We must share this information with other people, as many are not aware of these events and future changes, therefore they will be unprepared and not cope at all.

This is a collaborative effort through the people and we will remember that we are still all here together now. We were born for this moment, the apocalypse in human history and so are you!

So we all need to perform at our greatest potential to overcome the Tsunami of energy facing us, which has been rolling back and now is moving towards us at an ever increasing rate.

Recievers and Broadcasters Of Energy

Nicholas Tesla said "We are the reciever and we are the broadcaster of energy". So we must broadcast our thoughts into this electric universe and act upon the changing energies during our transition in these final days of 3D existence into transition to 5D reality.

Prepare And Combine Our Efforts

We must all combine together in these final days, as Light Warriors. So we are all prepared for this together and not turn our back on all other humans, whether they understand this process or not.

You may have envisaged this in dreams or meditation and know your path within it. So remember we all bring forth the victory of the light.

Using the "future proves past" concept, in other words, we have to teach from the future. A lot of these things may not be popular right now, but we are pioneers and we are going to make it through no matter what! We need to share our knoweldge, so we can rapidly bring us all into the 5D reality.

The Schumann Resonance is rising. It will continue to rise and we need to match that vibration of our planet and realm within us. There is no finish line, we simply have to resonate up!

Remember we cannot control what is around us, however we can control within ourselves. Be conscious of the Schumann Resonance and its connection with human consciousness.

The darkness is no match for us Light Warriors.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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