The Schumann Resonance Reaches Amplitude Power 10 +

The Schumann Resonance Reaches Amplitude Power 10 +

The Schumann Resonance has been peaking for sometime in the last month at much higher levels than previously experienced with an all time high of Amplitude Power 10 = 7.60 Hz, 18 UTC Power 6000 and Power 30 for a short period on 22nd January 2021. If you want to verify and update yourself daily on the Schumann Resonance, I suggest checking out:- The Schumann Resonance Today Updates

Schumann Resonance Today UPDATES

23/1 17:00 The Frequency continues to remain around 7.60 Hz and this seems to keep the Quality around 9 and the Amplitude that continues to oscillate without reaching significant values, the maximums are slightly increased reaching Power 10. The Italian graphs report a similar condition with movements around 20. 23/1 09:00 The activity recorded yesterday in Italy lasted about 9 hours, from 12 to 21 UTC with the most intense part from 13 to 19; from 9 pm the situation returned calm. In Tomsk the Frequency is still reported at very low levels which in the last few hours is having slight oscillations on 7.60 Hz threshold. The Quality has stabilized just below 9 and the Amplitude, after a period of flat calm that has lasted for about 48 hours, is swinging around Power 9. 22/1 19:00 Further increase, around 18 UTC the graphs show the maximum value of Power 6000. 22/1 17:00 The peak of activity was around 15:30 UTC for about 20 minutes, followed by other strong activity that hit Power 600 just before 16 UTC. 22/1 16:00 A powerful activity is shown in the Italian graphs that has reached the full scale in 2 of the 3 graphs shown, the values of the electric field detected by the Marconi Antenna (VLF – Very Low Frequency) are very high and touch Power 3000. In the area they are not reported lightning. 22/1 14:00 Today the Frequency has returned to oscillate between 7.50 and 7.60 Hz, well below the base value and, as for the last few days, no significant movement of the other parameters, the Amplitude has reached only Power 6. Some movements are instead reported on the Italian charts, around 12:30 UTC there was a phase in which Power 20 was reached, around 13 UTC there was an intensification that reached Power 30.

Check out my recent blog article The Schumann Resonance Has Leveled Up Again which explains in more detail the correlation between the Schumann Resonance, human brainwaves, consciousness, electromagnetic energy and Mother Earth's Heartbeat.

New Earth Ascension Shift

It is clear a big shift of our New Earth is about to happen. We are observing the authentic energy. which is occurring around the world, by those who have no fear and follow their convictions for truth. We need to perform authentically at our finest and raise our own vibration in alignment with Mother Earth. We will not give our power away as sovereign beings. Humans can lie but energy never lies.

The frequency of the planet has changed forever as previously spikes were in the 100 Hz's now the spikes are in the 1000 Hz's.

Human brainwaves and consciousness also have an effect on the Schumann Resonance. it is clear that awareness and awakening are happening at extraordinary levels following the debacle of the US elections. Where the satanic negative forces are doing all in their power to overthrow the will of the people of the USA, in order to be in power at all costs, creating false illusions at unprecedented levels, beyond most people's comprehension or sense of righteousness and truth. Energy is the ability to cause change and that change is immense right now. This positive energetic change of mass consciousness awakening of humankind across the world will overcome the satanic negative forces. The Schumann Resonance spikes within the Earth's cavity are a clear indication.

Have Faith In God

Have faith in God, the "All That Is" positive energy. Stand your ground and do not succumb to the fear mongering which is all in our face right now, attempting to make us all slaves to the evil agenda of negative energy. These are the times when individuals all over the world have to make a choice of following authentic positive light energy of love for all, or follow the dark negative of fear for the few power hungry satanic forces. We are seeing clearly those who are flipping over from positive to negative, because of short term allurement of selfish gain and power, showing clearly they are not true to the convictions of the righteousness and individual sovereignty of humankind.

The Ascension Process

Understand the lower vibrations will no longer exist within the higher vibrations occurring right now. This is the change of frequency of Mother Earth, which is the Ascension process. Only those who vibrate at a higher frequency vibration of fifth dimensional consciousness will survive this change.

Be prepared the time has come to make your choice. - Light Warriors keep grounded without fear. Be the light of authentic love and truth for all mankind.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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