The Three Days Of Darkness

The Three Days Of Darkness

Many of you may be conscious of the "Three Days Of Darkness" that has been prophesied. There are different interpretations of the "Three Days Of Darkness". For example:

The change of our Sun where it would go dark for three days. The three days of darkness of communication amongst humankind population and the governing controllers of the world. The three days where the current media communication such as radio, television and the internet would go dark. The Global Reset We are in the midst of the global reset. We are not going back, we are resetting. The "Three Days Of Darkness" is necessary for the global reset to commence, because there is a lot of clearing to be done, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually for humankind. Which has been for so long mind controlled, in so many different ways, over eons and especially in the past few years. Altered Frequencies Through the introduction of altered, potent and deeply disturbing frequencies on the radio, television and internet, a satanic means of mass communication of control has been implemented.

In addition the modern day mobile and 5G reception towers imposed on us, across the planet, forming a matrix of vibrational control by the elite deep state cabal.

They have instigated so many variations over the years, put in place to confuse, control and hurt people, without by far the majority, even realising the immensity of the dark control agenda.


The far majority of younger generations have been exposed to this dark agenda and know no difference. Their whole personal perception is completely based on what they have been exposed to which is completely unnatural. Older generations, who previously lived in times of relative freedom of choice and lives, have slowly succumbed to the drip by drip exposure to modern day media control, or have made a conscious choice to continue participating in activities without these kinds of exposures, such as working in more isolated environments and abundant nature. The differences in character and consciousness, from those who have allowed themselves to be exposed to controlled media and those who have not, is so marked, if one bothers to notice.

The Satanic Dark Agenda The attack has not only been of a vibrational frequency and communication towers, but in addition, deliberate fear mongering and mis / dis information, ensuring the population only view disturbing events, often orchestrated, unreal and satanic in nature. The elite controllers have always understood how the human body and brain vibrational frequencies function naturally, normally and abnormally. So hidden behind all the information, both verbal and musically, have been deliberately altered, inserted or manipulated with frequencies which act as major disturbances to the human mind, body and spirit. If you have not been exposed to the mind control of modern day society, as mentioned above, you may consider yourself very fortunate. As your mind is still clear and reliant on natural forms of discretion, understanding, freewill and personal intuition. The Cleansing During the "Three Days Of Darkness" a worldwide cleansing will take place, so that the human population as a whole, will be lifted from this scourge of control via the above mentioned methods.

Everyone will have no option but to deal with simple changes in nature and their environment around them,as the control matrix dissipates. There will clearly be an initial panic, as the human population has been so used to its current environments, which will ensue with rioting, looting and destruction by those who know no better. But for those who understand what is exactly happening within their heart, will slow themselves down, take cover, meditate through it and remain still, till the calm settles and the reset completes. This is because they are already aware and conscious of the cleansing process. This process will serve for the greater good of humankind, as all the current mind controlled apparatus, distributed very carefully, implemented and installed will collapse, the darkness of its control will go done, gone forever. It is ultimately important for the "Three Days Of Darkness" event to happen, so that satanic mind controlled frequencies will falter and collapse. so the human population will regain a clearer vision once more as nature should be.

Only then can new systems of communication for a newly consciously advanced civilisation be implemented and not have the derogatory effects of the previous methods, we are currently exposed to. Awaken To The Destructive Effects Of Mind Control If you are new to this journey and are just awakening, or if within your heart it resonates with you, that the current pattern mind control media is o tour detriment as a modern awakened civilization, then prepare yourself, mind body and spirit, for this process to take place, in the positive knowledge it is simply a process of cleansing.

Preplanned Registered Patents If you doubt it then I urge you to do your research on all pre registered patents, which have been authorised for all these damaging technologies, as well as biological weapons, which we have to had endure and deal with in current times,. Why would there be so many patents authorised for things which should only be from nature? We are pulling back the veils of deceit which have been imposed on our human population and the animal kingdom, so we can restart to use all our senses effectively and clearly, as we are meant to as an evolving species, just as do the animal kingdom and nature, who share our planet with us.

The Dark Alliance Agreement With It's Controlled Population The dark alliance's most powerful tool was the vibration of television and media .They have an agreement in order to control the planet. They needed to tell you what they were doing. So they have been programming the subconscious mind of the human population via the different forms of media. Your physical and mental health responds to these subconscious programs. They knew about human function, cognitive dissidence, the human ego and control of the human mind. That is why during these times it is important to be physically, mentally and spiritually strong. As most of what you have been exposed to all forms of media has been a huge satanically constructed lie to keep us enslaved. There Is Much Work To Be Done We as high vibrational spirits have been incarnating in waves on to Planet Earth, for at least 60 years, as Blue Ray, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow spirits soul groups, to assist in the final change from the process of control to that of freedom for all. In addition, cosmic high vibrational healing waves keep coming from our galactic centre to our solar system and Planet Earth, to illuminate our DNA to its full capacity as Human Illuminous Beings of Light, which we are all evolving into.. In order to release us from the long outstanding mind control agenda which has been imposed on all human beings for so long, in particular with the invention and implementation and manipulation of television, mobile, internet apparatus and towers. Prepare yourself for the "Three Days Of Darkness" without fear, but with love in your heart, it is a reset for eventual freedom as an evolved species. It is the beginning of the Ascension process. Once the human population awakens and sees, it cannot go back to sleep and unsee.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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