The Violet Flame Invocation

The Violet Flame Invocation

In step one of our planetary reboot preparation the Company of Heaven reminded us of who we are and why we have incarnated on Planet Earth during this auspicious moment with the cycle. Each one of our incarnations has reminded us of what our spirits are now capable of.

Earth's Experiment We were told that no one was here by chance and that every person was specifically chosen to be here because of his or her potential in the individual facet of the unprecedented experiment taking place on earth. Once permission was given for us to embody ourselves on Planet Earth every person "I Am Presence" was shown what our individual divine mission will be in this holy endeavour. Our missions are as diverse as humanity and consist of the full gamut of earthly experiences. Humanity's Divine Plan Mission The first part of humanity's divine plan involves those who will be working with the Company of Heaven in a myriad of ways to assist in the Earth ascension process and to co-create the patterns of perfection for the fifth dimension new Earth. These sons and daughters of God will also be called to hold the sacred space for the awakening of our brothers and sisters, whose mission is far more perilous. The second part of humanity's divine mission, involves the sons and daughters of God who have the most difficult challenge. They are people who volunteered to reach into the growth mutations and the destructive patterns of pain and suffering , which they created previously through the fragmented and fear based consciousness of their fallen human egos. Their mission will be accomplished by each of them, acting out of those abhorrent patterns, and bringing back up to the surface to be exposed and transmuted back into the light. This the time as referred to in the Bible when all that is hid purging which is destined to create, this difficult time is referred to in the Bible as "the time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth". The tightrope the people are walking who were chosen for this part of humanity's divine mission is the challenge in delving into the quagmire of their own mis creation, without becoming enmeshed in them and perpetuating their own horror and pain suffering they previously inflicted on themselves and others. Many of these people are successfully accomplishing this facet of their mission and then awakening and listing into the light unscathed. Unfortunately others are becoming enamored with the trappings of greed and power once again. This is preventing them from wanting to change their destructive behaviour pattern, which is blocking their willingness to let go and transmute their gross mutations back into the light. The Company of Heaven is stating clearly that both parts of humanity's divine mission are essential to the success of this experiment and the Earth's ascension into the fifth dimension. One person's mission is no more important than another. Remember in most instances we have all had hundreds of lifetimes, since we were first breathed forth from the core of creation. So we have probably all been everything and done everything. At this critical time, as we are observing the mind boggling negativity which is surfacing in the outer world and the adversity from these negative behaviour patterns, which is affecting every facet of life on Earth. Humanity's Power to Transform The Company of Heaven wants us to remember that you and I and the rest of humanity have the ability to intervene in powerful and life transforming ways. Judgement and the "holier than thou" attitude are totally inappropriate. We have no idea what another person's mission is and whether or not they are succeeding. Instead of feeling superior to any of other brothers and sisters, we should feel incredible gratitude for the sacrifices they are making on humanity's and Mother Earth's behalf. There For The Grace Of God Go I Instead of criticizing and forming negative opinions about other people, which only adds to the problem, we can easily become part of the solution, by daily invoking the infinite power of the violet flame on their behalf. The Lions Gate Due to the miracles that were accomplished during Earth's ascension through the Lions Gate on August 8 2020, every single person's "I Am Presence" has fully integrated into his or her earthly body. I Am Presence This aspect of our own divinity now has the ability to communicate much more obviously and directly with our conscious mind. This means that when our "I Am Presence" invokes the "I Am Presence" of our brothers and sisters in the family of humanity, who are embodied on Earth, our innovocations are being heard more clearly. And the other person's "I Am Presence" is able to utilise the light we are invoking to them intuitively in much more tangible ways. The Company of Heaven wants to remind us that the reason for the massive amount of energy humanity has allowed us to clear misqualified actions over eons of time. which is being allowed to surface at an extraordinary process. Because millions of people on Earth know about the awesome power of the violet flame and its ability to instantly transmute negativativity back into light. If our awakening humanity will dearly invoke the violet flame through every "I Am Presence" of every person on Earth, the Company of Heaven has been granted permission to amplify our efforts one thousand fold everyday. The violet flame is infinitely more powerful than human's gross miscreations. So through our invocations, we have the ability to transmute unfathomable amounts of this surfacing negativity back into light, in what will be perceived as "the twinkling of an eye". If you have the calling to assist humanity and Mother Earth in this profound way, please join other lightworkers around the world with your daily invocation. Your "I Am Presence " will guide you intuitively to invoke the violet flame in the way that resonates within your own heart.

The Violet Flame Invocation Mantra Just to demonstrate how very easy it is to become a dynamic force of the violet flame every single day. First when you begin your day, take a moment to go within and centre yourself, then start to take deep conscious breathes before starting your invocation, as follows. "I am my "I am Presence" and I am one with the "I am Presence" of every other person on earth. Together we invoke the violet flame, with the power in mind of a thousand suns, to transmute back into light every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief humanity has ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown." After your invocation, feel the power of that magnificent violet fire flowing from your heart flame into the heart flame of every person's "I Am Presence." The Violet Flame Amplification Know that this influx of the violet flame is being amplified by the Company of Heaven, moment by moment, with every breath you take throughout the day. Then when you wake up the next morning, say your invocation again, so it will create another powerful wave of the violet flame, which will be added to the tremendous influx of the violet flame, that has been bathing the Earth since your invocation day before. The Company of Heaven said it is difficult for humanity to fathom how powerful the violet flame is. But they want us to know that our daily invocation will assist humanity and Mother Earth, in immeasurable ways, as we prepare for our planetary reboot towards ascension. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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