Transparency is a paramount factor within a modern democracy, whereby truthful facts are shared and debated openly, so that a fair and just decision can be made and actioned upon based on the consensus decision of the majority.

This can apply to small or large groups, whether involving family, group of friends, co workers, community, state or nation. The size is not the issue, it is the consensus of the group, which will lead to a harmonious decision that all accept and abide to, so there are no infractions, disharmony or anarchy following.

Checks And Balances

At the end of the day it is about .

1) Ensuring that information about current happenings is open and clearly defined in a truthful way.

2) Ensuring that manipulation, mis or dis information is not being enforced upon decision makers

3) Ensuring that those who control the narrative of information do not usurp their position by manipulating or blatantly changing the narrative to simply promote a particular group because it suits those who deliver the message of the narrative.

4) Ensuring that both pros and cons and potential outcomes of a given situation are clearly on display and discussed

5) Being truthful about the intentions of future actions

6) Allowing those who vote upon major decisions are given all the true facts and aforementioned points as much as can be determined.

7) Ensuring that bias for or against a group is not promoted so each has an equal share of voice of their intentions, policies and actions.

8) Ensuring that come the time to vote on major decisions, voters are eligible under the legal constitution, are not coerced, are not banned, are not duplicated,

9) Independent observers are allowed to oversee the whole process in compliance with the law, to ensure all cotes are accounted for and are not tampered with.

10) that there is no outside or foreign political influence being imposed to interfere with the legal process

11) That a true account of votes are declared once the whole process has been completed.

Undermine Processes By Those In Power

For a long time now, these principles have been undermined by those in power, who have the means and wealth to interfere with the process at varying degrees, to ensure that those placed in power favour their own agenda, regardless whether it is for the betterment of the whole or not.

It has gone so far that more and more sophisticated means are being adopted to tamper with the process.

A Bad End Result

The end result being that powerful corporations and individuals are able to manipulate voting or elections. Ultimately to ensure that they end up with those in power who will comply with their bidding. Possibly without the voters having any knowledge of this blatant tampering of the result.

The power of profitable dominant corporations being ensured to continue and gain more power, creating a stranglehold of lobbying on major existing and development projects to be sanctioned, to ensure even greater profitability. These cannot amount to billions of dollars!

Regretfully this manipulative process has and increasingly so become the norm and has infiltrated every aspect of our culture, communities, societies and nations.

The end result clearly is the rich become richer and more powerful, whilst the poor become poorer and disempowered. The middle class become annihilated, because they actually hold the balance, are wise to these shenanigans and are in a knowledgeable position to challenge them. This then festers resentment, anarchy and revolution.

Time and time again we have seen nations worldwide, being subjected to this unjust process and resentment, anarchy and revolution soon follows. It may have started off with smaller nations of less apparent consequence to the world. But whatever they had to offer constructively to the rest of the world in terms of trade, identity, culture, ideals and knowledge were wiped out as they became embroiled in long disputes, revolutions, conflicts and wars. All this hampers the prosperity and safety of its population and allows the big cooperates who instigated the unrest to benefit directly in many ways.

What is more disturbing that this trend is now infiltrating not just smaller countries but those of great influence and power. It is becoming so blatantly obvious to all that something is amiss that the majority of the world's population no longer trust the systems they live under.

A Change Of Perception

On the other hand when darkness and confusion prevails, it brings about a change of perception of individuals and groups. Knowing that their own peace and harmony across their home, culture, community, and nation is in serious jeopardy.

They have two options:-

1) take up arms in a revolution which we all know has dire consequences and no real benefit long term to the people.

2) peaceful non compliance through refusal to participate and obey draconians rules imposed on them and pre fixed elections,

Finally ensure transparency is paramount. That the correct checks and balances are implemented. Legal procedures are implemented and enforced, Arrests made and brought to justice, those who have flagrantly misused and usurped the correct process under the law, to ensure repetition does not reoccur.

Only then will the population have confidence in its group or nation so it can build upon it with confidence. That it will not be destroyed at a later point by those whose sole purpose is to destroy existing civilisations and rule by default and oppression.

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