Truth Holds The Key To The Universe

Truth Holds The Key To The Universe

When you live in truth you hold the Keys to the Universe. The highest level of vibrational consciousness is authenticity. To date the truth has been hidden in a matrix reality.

We have all incarnated in this time period for this event, The Global Reset. We are here to create the 5D Earth and all of these fake subconscious programs and society structures of the matrix need to fall, in order that everyone can live in truth. That is the highest state of consciousness. Why has there been such efforts to hide the truth, as it is the highest state of consciousness authenticity? The Collapse Of The Matrix We are now witnessing the collapse of the matrix, to serve the good of humanity. But sometimes when we are looking through our 3D eyes it might look very scary and have a feeling of extreme pressure at this time. But this is our evolutionary journey and as a collective all of humanity, we are evolving, human consciousness is expanding. If we stand back and look at evidence, we will recognise the change happening right now. Like the frequency of this planet, the Schumann Resonance, is changing. The sun is becoming much brighter. All of these changes are connected to the human consciousness. So if you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of light, energy, frequency and vibration. When we unlearn and relearn, we take back control of our everyday lives. There have been many attempts, for thousands of years, to hide the truth. So much of your physical and mental health and spiritual nature has been hidden from the people to control us.

The Archon Reality There has been an Archon reality which has put us in a box of limiting beliefs. So when you reset yourself out of the box of limiting beliefs, remember you are the prodcaster and the receiver. Those still living in the Archon reality can't get out of these limiting beliefs until the total collapse of the matrix occurs. These are in the end times. So what might have been said and implanted in your subconscious programming is not the true reality. "What is good is bad" and "what is bad is good". Everything has been reversed. Luceferian tactics may not say a complete lie but they twist the truth. They broadcast spells to program the subconscious mind on mainstream media. They are telling you lies straight to your face.

Stand Back And Observe But if you stand back you can understand what is happening and the reason why. Instead of being subjective and caught up in the quagmire, be objective and see it all play out. Things are working out the way that they are so freewill can come into place. We may want it to end, we may want it done for us. But remember, Light Warriors, we are the ones to collapse the matrix. Soon everything we have been taught will collapse and everything is going to come to the surface, which we are seeing right now, which also may be scary. But understand we are purging these energies and during this time period we are seeing things rise to the surface, such as the lies, corruption, manipulation and control mechanisms.

Revelation That is what "Revelation" means - to reveal. So it is time to use our clairsentience, the only way to see and reveal the truth is to feel it. We are the Light Warriors of the Rainbow from the Hopi Prophecy, and we are all sealed in the forehead, through the third eye. Maybe you are conscious of the seal and can sense the change of frequencies. We are simply an energy and we operate the body, not just a body. You are not just a body, you are the energy that operates your body. That is what this time period is all about. We are peeling back the veil and are learning more about light, sound, frequencies and vibration. We are learning who we really are. Only then do we start to understand everything about our reality.

The Purge The collective is going through a purge right now. Yet those of a higher consciousness who understand all these aspects, and the Divine Purpose, will flow through this process unscathed. As we have all prepared for this event of Global Reset. We have been aware of its coming for a very long time. We sense and understand it is happening now! So it is time to be conscious that everything about the old ways and the matrix is collapsing. However in the end the control will be returned to the people. So everything will become lighter. When we transition from dark to light, all people will become sovereign beings. Victory of the Light is upon us. Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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