Tsunami Global Reset 2020

Tsunami Global Reset 2020

We are going through the Global Reset and during this period of transition and awakening, it comes in stages. Each stage has a different energy theme.

The Pull Back

The energy theme of the event taking place right now is the pull back of the Tsunami, the next phase of the Global Reset. Many of you are aware of what is going on right now. But right now there is a Tsunami that is coming in. It is being pulled back and a lot of people are going about their journey, feeling that we are going to go back to where we were and for normal to return. But what was normal didn't serve the greatest purpose of all of humanity. The Tsunami is being held back and people think that things are going to settle down, but before they know it all will come crashing down. As part of the major event the stages are all coming to crescendo. As the Tsunami is being pulled back and we continue our lives as normal, it is going to come crashing down. That is the time period that we are in right now, whilst we are sitting around waiting, like nothing seems to be happening.

The Coming Of The Wave

But all at once this Tsunami wave comes in crashing down on this reality. We are at the brink of the Tsunami wave. We are not getting ready to go back to the way things were and all will be fine and dandy. But we all know, light warriors, we are the Apocalypse. Where we are going to witness and participate in the falling down of the existing Matrix of world wide control by the elite rulers, who have held governance over us since the beginning of time of the human race.

Be Prepared Light Warriors

We Light Warriors are prepared for this incoming wave. I personally had dreams and visions of it many years ago, which precipitated me to seek my own spiritual journey, in preparation for the Tsunami. Which at this present time, in this event stage, now comes looming as the wave is pulling back. We know that brighter days are ahead, as we reach the 5D Earth. That is where we are headed. Evolution occurs under great stress and pressure and that is what this Tsunami will bring. So it is time to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for this Tsunami event.

Some of us who saw this coming many years before, have prepared ourselves for it, experiencing all kinds of difficulties, destruction in many different ways, to overcome , in order to prepare us for this event. We have no choice, we have to embrace the power of the Tsunami, as this matrix of control collapses. We, the Light Warriors. are the ones to inherit our new 5d Earth.

Fall From Fear Or Steadfast With Love

They say men's hearts will fail from fear. Fear is the disease, and nothing else but fear. They will be swept away as they simply stand on sand. So, Light Warriors, eradicate your fear completely, and prepare yourself for this next stage, with courage, righteousness and love, steadfast on the rock, as the Tsunami wave blows over you. That was my vision many years ago, and still holds today, as we now face it, come what may.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr .

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