Using Symbolism in Mediumship

Using Symbolism in Mediumship

Many of my students inquire as to the symbols used in spirit communication during a mediumship reading. My answer is always that your guides, angels and ancestors initially will try to get you to understand that they are near by any means possible. Very often there are subtle signs, which are often missed in our logical, anxious minds.

We often brush off the signs from spirit as coincidence and go on our way. But, when the same type of symbols is repeated, we tend to take notice of the synchronicity happening around us.

Symbolic Flash

When first initiating or receiving spirit communication, you may have a flash of a symbol, a style of clothing, a specific item, an emotional feeling, or even a physical sensation. If repeated on each occasion, these become your cue that you are indeed channeling with a specific spiritual entity.

Symbolic Clue In The Environment

You may be directed to an object, animal, bird or a specific detail within a painting. Your spirit is guiding you to a clue to initiate your understanding of a particular circumstance relating to the person you are reading for. Take note of these directions and intuitively understand the relationship between them.

Symbolic Mannerisms

When you think of someone who is in spirit, you are actually invoking them – bringing him or her towards you. It is not from a specific time or space, but a creative thought process on a higher dimensional vibrational level, which you are simply putting your focus of attention on and tuning in to that specific vibration.

You will notice, through experience, that once you establish communication with a known spiritual being, that they will continue to contact you in the same manner, thus enabling you to quickly understand who is making their presence known in their own unique way.

Channeling Course

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Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator

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