Vote For Good Or Evil

Vote For Good Or Evil

The world is at a critical time in it's human history.right now. We are at the eve of the greatest turmoil ever experienced. We, the people of Mother Earth, are at a point of having to make the choice of perpetuating the evil, which has plagued our lives in every corner of the Earth. Or develop a new world of cooperation, understanding, peace and goodwill.

Conflict By "Divide And Conquer" Previous divisions, although immense in their impact, have been orchestrated by the elite Deep State, behind the scenes as Master Puppeteers to divide and conquer. These previously have been targeted via wars, conflicts, plagues, viruses, exterminations, financial crisis's, racial hatred, oppression, apartheid , weather manipulations, to name but a few. By creating problems between individuals, sexes, political groups, radical groups, races, ethnicity's, towns, nations and continents worldwide. The purpose being to divide, segregate, create fear, suspicion, false beliefs and propaganda, in order to manipulate and justify conflicts. For which the Elite rulers fund, weaponise, create fear and conflict on both sides for their own financial profit and stealing the countries resources right under their very noses. Which in turn has created violence, oppression, segregation, barriers, isolation and ultimately war, between previously peaceful individuals, groups, races and nations, who simply went to arms, to annihilate the other side, thinking they were simply rightfully rdefending their own side. Yet without realising the other side were simply doing the same, blindly following the fear and hatred agenda.

Pandemic 2020

However, in 2020, all these conflicts took a major shift change, without the majority of the world's population even realising its net effects.. Due to the supposed worldwide viral pandemic, the origin of which, its target groups, validity in terms of actual confirmed cases and registered deaths are highly dubious. Proven by many independent highly qualified individuals, groups and action groups, to be totally unjustified in imposing a complete lockdown. The resulting rapid effect of fear spread worldwide within months. The fear factor of an unknown enemy within all our midst, created unprecedented fear, reaction and enforced lockdowns worldwide, and isolation for everyone. The net true effect being financial ruin, psychological and physical illnesses, huge stress and fear for all concerned worldwide, far more reacching, devastating effect than the supposed pandemic itself. In one full swoop the world found itself not at war with each other, with all the horrific consequences of conflict.

The Unknown Enemy Now the world population finds itself at war with an unknown enemy. One could supposedly catch it from anybody, just as the previous plagues of old, which actually did kill many, because they were born from natural causes. Yet the numbers of actual deaths confirmed from this clear artificially redesigned biological weapon, are far far less than previous pandemics. Clear indications are that the number of cases of infection and casualties have been grossly exaggerated. Miss and disinformation via social media created a whirlpool of fear. With so much conflicting information, leaving everyone confused and baffled by its direct impact, not just at home, but also neighbourhoods, local communities, towns, cities and nations. Now instead of conflicting countries manipulated into war. The whole world is under attack from an unknown enemy.

9/11 And Covid 19 The reasons for all of these occurrences are too complex to discuss on here. But just as the 9/11 attack, it has caused huge panic worldwide. Interesting that this new fiasco happens to be 19 years after 9/11 . MMM - coincidentally Covid 19? Another hidden symbolic message?? Another coincidence is it happened just before the US elections in November 2020. A sure way to usurp the US economy and the influence on voters, bleating their lives are so bad now, when prior to the pandemic, the US economy NDP and many other indicators were at their highest for decades. Now after all these superstitions, manipulated chaos and fear, the US electoral vote is fast approaching.

Lack Of Clarity And Understanding What amazes me with all elections across the world, are how the majority of individuals, within all populations, get so caught up in the hype, media false manipulations, caricatures of individual leaders and bark on whatever nonsense they are exposed to. So very few actually take the time and effort to really understand the issues at hand; the political agenda simply to win votes; and most importantly, seriously look back at historical elections; at what was promised and what actually happened after the elections, during previous administrations. In my view, previously, the divide of opposites were relatively clear. Left or Right, Capitalism or Socialism, Freedom or Suppression, Ideology (to narrow choice) or by Design (to increase choice).

Your Vote Is Important This Time Round Now we see a completely different choiceI Face the reality of what people actually have, when voting this time round. That is, in my humble opinion, are you voting for either good or evil; life or death. That is where we as a human race have reached. Our survival or destruction as the human race. We shall see which becomes the victor. If it's good and life, we will.prosper as a human race. If it's evil and death, then it will be the end of the human race as we know it. Whatever your political views or traditions in voting. I appeal to you to not simply vote based on mainstream media propaganda, false information, caricatures of politicians, and unjustified memes on social media. The result of the next US election will have unprecedented social impact not just within the USA, but across the world. Please think of the much bigger picture at hand; investigate; do your research; understand the complexities; and most of all - the influence and evil agenda of the Deep State rulers of 1% against the 99% human population, upon the result. Vote according to your heart rather than the brain. Vote for Life over Death! Vote for Good over Evil!

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