Wake Up

Wake Up

Over the last two decades at least, I like so many others have witnessed so many changes, in terms of radical control measures being taken by governments, clearly under instruction and controlled by the Deep State. So many people appear to be losing their ability to make logical, inquisitive, conscious decisions about their day to day lives within their community. In my view people's consciousnesses, having been dumbed down so much, are mostly now asleep and my aim in life is now offering opportunities to wake up again.

I have lived in several different countries within Europe and the USA, over the last twenty years, which obviously exposes to you different cultures, different values and different popular reactions to state controlled rules.

The advantage each time is it awakens you to different concepts, scenarios and ways of living in each country. There are similarities and differences in each. But what is clear is that state control they live under infiltrates and impacts their lives, ways of living, values and sense of freedom of thought and action.

Freedom Of Choice

I was very fortunate to have lived as a young man in the UK during the 1960's - 80's. These times were undoubtedly the most free times of my life and of all around me. There were minimal controls, in comparison to today, in determining our choice of living, thinking and actions. One's path in life was self determined. Effectively, if you wanted to do something which you were passionate about, mostly the only reason that stopped you was your own will power. Although there were some barriers, they were easily surmountable.

Yet, because it was the norm, one didn't really question how much freedom we actually had, it was just how it was. Under that atmosphere of freedom, I actually experienced and actioned so many different aspects of life in differing ways. I am thankful that I lived my younger days to the full, and in some ways wish I was more consciously aware of it, and had done more with the opportunities available to me.

But the past is the past and one simply remembers all these experiences, good and bad, as an opportunity to grow and appreciate consciously.

A Change Of Consciousness

A good example of change of consciousness, in my view, is how I have witnessed communities react to oppression and control from their leaders.

I arrived in Greece at its most turbulent times. in 2010. Just after it's government had corruptly allowed it to be duped into borrowing around 600,000 Euros from EU controlled banks, in order to rebuild infrastructure it badly needed. Yet through highly dubious means, the funds were extremely badly managed, little positive infrastructure was constructed and the country suffered greatly from finding themselves simply heavily indebted. Going from a relatively wealthy and prosperous country to one of the poorest in the world within a very short period of time.

The reaction from the ordinary population was astounding. I had never witnessed it on that scale before. Over a million people every day and night came out to protest on the streets. Obviously there were orchestrated riots in Syntagma Square Athens, which I personally witnessed. But it was very clear to me that many incidents of violence were being allowed from within the police blockade. I personally saw masked individuals coming out of their blockade lines with molotov cocktails, and then throwing them back into the crowds and police lines, just to create more chaos and disrupt what was essentially a peaceful protest. Giving the excuse to charge a peaceful gathering of protesting ordinary people. This is a tactic which has been widely used to justify a crackdown.

I personally witnessed banks premises being targeted across the city, as they were seen as the perpetrators of the demise Greeks were now in. In one night I believe 20 banks were burnt down, with crowds of people cheering outside. I was amazed by what I was witnessing.

I could sense ordinary people were incensed by what had happened and saw their lives change forever. Many years of austerity ruling and pressure from the EU ensued. Which made life very hard for so many. But Greeks are resilient nonetheless and survived it somehow.

However, I was also witnessing a slow but sure change in people's consciousness and ability to make conscious decisions for themselves and speak up against tyranny.

Peaceful Protest

I personally always condone violent protest, it always just leads to destruction and many people get hurt badly as collateral damage by it.

I have always followed the teaching and ways of Gandhi, who I believe was very enlightened, and through invoking peaceful protest across India. By his movement and insight which he brought to his own people, he was able to bring down the oppressive ruling by the British governing administration at the time, actually bringing it down and leading to India's independence.

A Dumbed Down Population

Ten years later, regrettably, I now witnessed a very dumbed down population, although they do protest, it is in small insignificant ways.

The coming of the symbolic "bogeyman of fear" of the supposed pandemic arrived. So much mis and dis information spewed out from official sources and media, I could see an enlightened community completely confused. Yet defiant in small ways. At first everyone was wearing masks and surgical gloves. Then gradually it demised and asking local Greeks, they were quietly saying this is all BS.

Despite regulations people began still mostly walking the streets without masks or gloves or social distancing, yet the streets were quieter as people stayed at home, mostly because society was grinding to a halt and cashflow was limited. Yet because of regulations one could not go into shops or premises without masks and social distancing imposed.

Now what logical sense is there for a supposed pandemic, which is either supposedly passed on airborne or by contact. When outside everyday life carries on as relative normal, yet when you enter a shop or any official premises, you now have to queue up for hours to go into a shop with a mask on, as mandatory. If you don't you simply are not allowed in.

Tell me is there any logical sense in that. Pandemic casualties were very low in Greece and knowing full well that figures across the world of casualties were widely misinterpreted for many reasons. The reality is, quite clearly, that the effects were simply the same as mild influenza. Yet were blown completely out of proportion to control and put into fear people's mind conscious and way of life.

The net effect of all these happenings recently, I witnessed a Greek community which originally defied authority to the hilt, who were simply oppressing their way of life. To now - a complaint and very confused population, who don't know who to trust, how to act, think and rationalise for themselves.

What seems clear to me when you have a radical society like the Greeks have, when they have an identifiable potential culprit to focus on they rise up against oppression. But when it is the elusive non seeable, untouchable "bogeyman", such as the supposed lethal virus, then they do not know where to turn or combat it.

Maybe they will completely reawaken to where they were consciously over ten years ago. Who knows. But right now, regrettably, I see a very dumbed down population which was completely different from when I arrived ten years ago.

I always observe things in the long term, not just what is happening now. My gut and what I observe, is that this is happening across the world in different ways, and slowly but surely we are going down the road of total control and oppression being witnessed and carried with total impunity in countries like China and North Korea.

Please Wake Up

If you don't want that to happen then please WAKE UP. Observe, see and act against mind controlled oppression. This is your life and that of your children and children's children. Maybe you feel disempowered, but as I've said before it only takes 1% of a square root of a given community to change the consciousness of the whole.

Michael J Robey Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator | Spiritual Counsellor Psychic gr

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